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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book of the Week :: Dance with Me

Hello, Welcome to another BoW with us. Hope you all are having wonderful holidays. Let's join hands and dance for some time. It's a good time to have fun right? That's why we chose Dance with Me by Charles R Smith and Noah N Jones, for this week.

"Dance with me, Twist with me
Wiggle, move and bounce with me!
Move your body to the beat..."
This is an amazing book with a lot of beats and movements. I simply loved it. Mamma sang it and I danced. She taught me the suiting gestures for each line. The lines are very rhythmic and with a good punch&easy words.

Shake Shake Shake it, Baby
Come and Dance with Me!
The drawings are neat, cleans and more importantly fun filled. There are very few words on each page and story has been told through illustration, which gives a lot of room for kids to imagine. The colors are bright and appealing, the story is lucid.

We had so much of fun with this book. We danced like hell. We sang it aloud and I learned almost 80% of the song.

What's the underlying story :  
 Two kids and a dog are walking on the road, getting everyone to dance with them. A tale of two sides- on the left the children stop at a bus stop start dancing. Everyone has a "What's wrong with these kids, eh?' look on their faces. On the other side- everyone is dancing right along with the children. The lady throws the newspaper in the air and the man puts down his briefcase.
 Lift your legs, up and down
Twirl your hips, round and round...
The kids are going inside a  bakery store, and we learned about things over there (btw, I demanded for muffin and momma promised she'll bake tomorrow, IA). The kids also visited a pet store, I loved to know about a few pets as we scanned through the illustrations.

There they get a chameleon (or lizard) to shake its head, a dog to scrunch its nose, a ferret to rub its belly and chicks to stand on their toes. With all the movement its perfect for storytime, especially for younger listeners and dancers.

I bet, it would be harder for you to resist the temptation to dance when you read through, despite of your age!


  1. Sounds like a really cute book Liya!! I want to see more pictures of YOU dancing to it =)

  2. Looks like a fab book - never seen this one before - thanks for sharing, Karima

  3. What a sweet little reader you have there! Adorable.

  4. very nice
    great that SHE loves to read!!!!
    in with vB M2R

  5. My toddler would love this book!

  6. My daughter would love that book. I will have to see if we can find it. She is definitely to the age where dancing is a favorite past-time (musical is optional). :)


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