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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reflections 2011

Chasing Rainbow
For a Muslim(a), the word 'New Year' doesn't make any banging difference or it's not 'something special' to celebrate. From my personal perspective,  it's merely a change of date!
But, I have to agree that it's always good to have a trace back  through the ways traveled by. This helps being Thankful to Almighty, encourages to rectify our downfalls and extract the fragrance of lessons learned... and hence I am joining my lovely friends Salma and Marie, with my REFLECTIONS of the fallen year.

It has been a wonderful year. I have made a lot of friends and learned a lot of things through them - both Islamic and life in general. There have been moments of happiness, sadness, excitements, confusions, learning...and a lot more... as a mother, woman and a Muslima. There have been gains and loses.. There were additions into our family, relatives and unexpected, sad demises as well.

As you know,  Princess Liya is my favorite abode in cyber world, and completely dedicated for my little girl. So, here I share with you the reflections from 2011, being a mother.  Lessons learned as a mother have been most precious... Motherhood taught me a lot of things which I never 'grasped' from text books. I have done a bunch of 'experiments'  which I never carried out in a chemistry or electronics labs during my school or college days.

Let me compile my posts on 'Lessons from a toddler'.
Indeed it was a blessed year. There have been a lot of things we are grateful to Almighty through the year. Let's learn those:

We are grateful to Almighty Allah that:

  • Liya is 2, and is all spark and spunk!
  • 'Princess Liya' (blog) completed wonderful 2 years on blogosphere
  • We've made a lot of amazingly wonderful friendships through blogging
  • We've a lovely bunch of readers
  • Little Liya can talk in two languages
  • We were able to visit India and meet our family and relatives
  • Little Liya has started on daycare
  • She's out from diaper much early
  • We all have been healthy throughout the year
  • Little Liya is hitting all her developmental milestones either earlier or as expected
  • She has made a lot of cute little friends
  • We're reading a lot of books
  • Little Liya knows to scribble, color, paint, and crafting with paper and scissor...
  • We've traveled to many places in US and Canada
  • We've seen four wonderful seasons- enjoyed the freezing snow,  refreshing spring, blistering summer and colorful autumn
  • Liya learned a handful of rhymes both in Malayalam and English
  • Liya makes little stories and her imagination is flying far high.
  • Liya was under nursing until 2
  • She could get out from mom's milk quickly than ever expected
We are also Thankful That: 
  • We were able to take part in Taraveeh Salat's (night prayers) during Ramadan, in the Masjid
  • We are able to make it to masjid for most of the Friday prayers
  • Liya knows how to do Salat
  • Liya got a small prayer rug
  • We're Muslimas.
 AND for all teeny weeny things we 'have' OR happened through the year because

*** Little drops together make an ocean***


  1. Assalamu Alaykum, May Allah bless you sis

  2. You've had a wonderful 2011! I enjoyed going back and reading your posts on Lessons Learned :).

    Happy New Year to you and much love to you and your family :)

  3. What a post filled with so many lessons and a sense of gratitude! Thank you for sharing this with us. This line will now forever stick with me---'extracting the fragrance of lessons learned'....so true, so beautifully put! Thanks!

  4. What a beautiful post. I have been a frequent visitor this last year and have so enjoyed your blog. Who says Christians and Muslims can't get along? Not I!

  5. What a great list of things to be grateful for!! I also love your phrase, "extracting the fragrance of lessons learned." What a powerful statement!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great post. I have to work on that Patience thing myself!

  7. That was wonderful! You are so in tune with yourself as a muslima and a mom. So will she. Such a great 2011 and only a better 2012!
    Jill from VB

  8. Christina - Of course we had an awesome 2011. You are one of the wonderful ladies we met over cyber world. We enjoyed reading you and connecting with you, as well.

    Have a great year ahead. Love to you and your rocking kids.

  9. Joy - Thank you so much. We've loved your lovely post reflecting to past year. I've been a frequent reader of you, and always enjoyed reading you.

    Real Army- We enjoyed your humor filled tidbits as well. I agree with you. After all, we are human beings, and we have to get along..:) Religion is meant to fill our hearts with love and faith but sadly some use it as a way to fill hatred.. A muslim can get along with any human being, provided He/She must stay away from all evil deeds, practice virtuous and wash out grime from own mind.

  10. Erin, Margs -- Thank you for visiting and leaving precious words..It means a lot to us.

    Jill - I must say, I am trying to be a Muslima in all ways I can. Also, a mother is the first and foremost teacher of any kid. They learn from us more than they learn from text books. Right? Btw, Thank you for the visit and comment.

  11. Assalamualykkum,

    Here is a post on must do New Year resolution and reminder for every Muslim.

  12. Salam Nishana, thanks for linking up with us. I agree, the year simply passes into another, but I truly enjoyed reading about Liya's days thorugh this post.

    You are blessed (I know you know this), and I am happy to know you and Liya.

  13. This is a truly inspiring post. I am reminded once more that our world reflects onto us what we need to learn all the time, even through our children. Especially through our children.

    You have such a wonderful gratitude list as well, and I wish you much love and blessings for 2012.

  14. Loved reading your list of what you are grateful for. So many things that we should be grateful for that we can just take for granted.

  15. Thanks so much Nishana for adding your thoughts. It was a pure happiness to read through your words and to know more about Liya's year too. It is only a change of date I agree but sometime we need this pause to continue the journey knowing what we have learnt will serve us in the future.
    May you and your family be blessed in 2012. Much love.


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