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Monday, January 30, 2012

Toddler Talk :: But I don't...

The other day I was sharing moral stories with Liya. Story was about the importance of helping everyone in need and the beauty of sharing. She was curiously listening to the story.

I asked her:  "How is this story, did you like it?"
She replied : "Yeah, I liked it".

I concluded "So Liya, the moral of this story is that we must help others. For example you must share toys with your friends and be happy for it."

Liya frowned and immediately said "But I just won't share my crayons and paints with anyone"...(As if the story is good, moral is even better and very good if others are practicing in their life, but I just can't do it.) lolz.

Always, teaching her the importance of helping and sharing ended up in big failure. But I don't want to give up.


  1. Don't give up, it is so important and I am sure it makes its way to Liya's mind slowly. Sharing is a beautiful concept but even for adults not a so easy thing to put in practice.
    Take care Nishana.

    1. hat's right. Especially nowadays even adults hesitate to help others and share their stuffs. We can't blame kids. Thank you for the motivation. :)

  2. Ended in a big failure? No way. She has heard the words from mom, she will remember your voice when she is in such a situation. I am sure if it!

    Salam alaikum Liya, I think you are very wise, and I know that you will always make mommy very proud.


    1. Waalikkum Salaam,

      As of now its failure, but like you said, we never know. Kids store everything in their mind and they may start practicing later. Many Thanks!

  3. One thing I learned the few years I was studying to become a teacher was that repetition is important. So keep teaching it to her. She'll get it eventually. Plus, this could just be a "I don't want to share" phase. I'm currently going through one as I adjust to living with family instead of roommates :P

  4. Definitely don't give up! At her age, sharing is very, very hard to do...but she will learn.

    1. Rightly said. Its very hard to do at her age, but this is the age she must learn right? We can't teach them once they grow up, so I am not giving up, Insha Allah. Thank you for the support!

  5. Salam,
    I just finished all of Liya's updates that I've missed out. I loved the story about her visit to India. Great time for kids!!
    BTW, there is a good side for the possessiveness in some kids, Aisha never wants to share her meal (when she is hungry). So when I take her teddy to 'feed' it, she comes quickly to take a bite of her food. I don't know how long this idea will work, 'coz they easily grow smarter than us. Same way, I think, with Liya too, she will learn the art of sharing soon - share her toys with others and they will share their with her.
    Kisses to Liya.


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