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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Eye!

Yesterday, as Liya got back home from daycare, she gave me below piece of paper- a note from her teachers.

She was absolutely fine when she left for daycare, but came back with a red color on left most side of her left eye (conjunctivitis). Probably, she got it from there only. She was rubbing and scratching. We immediately called her primary care Doc but he wasn't available. The itching and scratching was increasing and so we took her into an emergency care. They gave an eye drop. She stopped rubbing and slept well, Alhamdulillah.*All Praise to Almighty*

As suggested, we took her to primary care doc and he just didn't give too much importance to it. He said she is alright, no fever plus a clear throat and chest indicate that she is all well. Continue the drops and she can return to daycare tomorrow.

She had not liked it when I told her she might need to drop Thursday class. But, she was glad to hear that she can return on Thursday.

Did I tell you, this is her 'first' disease apart from those mild cold tantrums she got once in a while. In fact it was for the first time she was taken to doc due to 'a disease'. She managed it quite well. She wasn't cranky due to this. But something quite funny had happened.

A couple of days ago, Liya ran through the snow and slipped. Just nothing happened and she got back home happily. Yesterday, when she went to toilet, she saw that there is a very small scratch on her knee. It's so small that I can't even take a pic and share here (he he.. heights of sharing). The moment she saw it she started screaming and wanted to 'go to'  doc and 'get an injection'.

Somehow I made her calm and took her out. But, whenever she goes to toilet she will end up looking at her knee and the whole drama repeats. She believes that only if she gets a shot, she will be alright.
Today, she cried almost 4 times, and the 5th time when she went to pee, I gave her a book and kept it on her lap while she was on commode. So, she didn't cry because she didn't see that remnant of her favorite scratch. Lols!


  1. Oh gosh. I'm glad her pink eye got better!

    How funny that she never complains about the scratch unless she see's it. Even though it's small, maybe a band-aid will help her forget about getting a shot.

  2. Too bad she got pink eye, but at least it's clearing up quickly! That's too funny about the drama over the scratch. All my kids have done that, too. Even the tiniest scratch is cause for significant alarm for them. And they always think they need to go to the doctor for something!

  3. She wanted an injection? No way...that's a brave girl, lol.
    So glad the pink eyes's better...welcome to daycare. I don't miss those days.

    Salam sis!

  4. Pink eye is so common in the youngsters but normally clears up very quickly - glad she didn't get a fever, Karima

  5. My daughter had a similar experience. She fell and got a small scratch and every time she went to the loo and saw the scratch she would say my leg is broken mom. :) I hope Liya is feeling better now.


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