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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bucket List Update!

Welcome to an unusually late Bucket List Update.

The Days in a Week
Now we know all the days in a week. And we love Monday and Thursday most. Because Liya loves going to daycare and being with her cute little friends. Liya loves singing below rhyme and that's how she learned about different days in a week.

Learn at least one Surah from Quran
Yes, we were aiming at learning at least one Surah (chapter) from Quran, but Liya memorized THREE chapters in Arabic, MashaAllah! She learned following CHAPTERS of Noble Quran.
  1. Al Fatiha - the first chapter
  2. Surat An-Nas - the last (114th) chapter
  3. Surat Al-falaq- 113th Chapter 
And she is half way through learning Surat Ikhlas,  which is one of my favorite Surats.

Other Updates:

Liya turned 29 months yesterday. MashaAllah!

Alhmdulillah, I am completely recovered  from all the germs. Though Liya is out from the attack, she has lost her appetite...(especially for Indian food)! This is making my life tougher. If her tummy burns, she turns all cranky and dumps all her frustrations on me.

Little Liya is already tired of sitting inside and badly wants to go outdoors and play. We're badly looking forward to the arrival of spring. Alhamdulillah, weather is much better these days and we even got to play outside one day.

Liya can now read English capital letters.  At times she is confused between Q and O, C and G etc.

Things are going fine in daycare too.  They had sent a sample photo from their photo session so that we can order whichever we want. In her singles she looks very angry and cranky.  I am sure 'something had gone wrong in getting in her pose'. Lolz...! She is not much interested in posing but she loves clicking..:)
We placed an order for the group photo with all her friends. We're looking forward to having it in our hand.

That's all for now. Thank you all for your comments and love. I'll reply shortly, Insha Allah!

Have a great week ahead.


  1. Liya is growing so fast Nishana and she is making lots of progresses.
    I just realized she already know 3 chapters of the Qu'ran and in Arabic when I struggle with the 3rd ones. I think I will follow the ones you are learning together, it might help me.
    Hoping the spring will settle soon, so you can enjoy lovely outdoors activities.
    Stay well. kisses to both and have a lovely day!

  2. That's wonderful that she's continuously learning! And how fabulous that she has learned many books from the Quran, more than planned. That's a major achievement. Enjoy your week!

  3. How awesome! Liya is so smart :)

  4. Wow Liya is so clever masha'allah! I can't imagine Nora being able to learn so quickly! I hope I can teach her soon insha'allah :)

  5. What an amazing accomplishment...well they are all amazing, Liya, but I am so proud of you for learning the surahs with mommy.
    I hope you will teach Rainbow soon.
    Salam alaikum.


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