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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I learned a lesson!

Did I tell you? I learned a big lesson from my little girl a few week ago...!  Well, parenting is all about learning and we keep learning, unlearning and re-learning from our children. These little munchkins can sometimes perplex us with unexpected moves. My latest experience was a shock for me than a surprise.

Of late Liya has been very lazy in doing namaz (Salah/ prayer). It's not required for her to do salah at this age. But I always believe that if she makes it a habit in her early age it would help her on the go. She was all happy to do Salahs even without I inviting to join. After coming back from India, she has been literally lazy to do it.

She used to pray well even in the Masjids and all old women used to come and kiss her after Juma (Friday) prayer. Throughout Tharaveeh (Night prayers in the month of Fasting) prayers in the last Ramadan she was praying as much as possible and was all calm in the masjid and hence from Eid prayer one very old granny poked me and praised her a lot. She told you're blessed to have such a peaceful kid and kissed her. Many people asked me how did she learn to pray very perfectly at this age...Well, I didn't have answer, it was just God's wish!

Now things are different. She doesn't pray from Masjid anymore neither at home. Also, she troubles Pappa when we start Salah.

So one day, I offered her "Liya don't trouble Pappa and join us for Salah, I'll give you chocolate if you pray".. She just didn't say anything and continued troubling us while we were praying. After prayer she demanded for chocolate. Hmm, that's of course unfair and I refused "You didn't pray so I won't give. I promised it only if pray.." and I told J: "See if I give her a chocolate now she might think that she'll get it even if she doesn't do what she was suppose to. Eventually that is not gonna help us than making her stubborn. So, I won't give. Let her learn that lesson..."{What a mean mom...huh?}

The next day, Liya went and told J "Pappa, I need chocolate, I have done my prayer, just now". In fact it wasn't prayer time.. but around 10.30 - 11.00 am. To convince him she just bowed again and told "I did pray again now give me chocolate..!" What she perceived was whenever she wants chocolate just pretend as if you're bowing.

I was terribly shocked... What I wanted to teach her was:

If You Do Good Things You'll Always Get Better Things Back....
But she learned was
If You Want Anything Just Pretend as if You Are Doing What Others Expect You to Do..

What I learned after this incident is, NEVER EVER underestimate kids and their power of thinking . We often tend to think that kids travel through our thinking level, but in fact most of the times they dare to walk beyond the boundaries which adults often fail to do... They are innocent, they don't have rules, they don't know what's right or wrong.. They just want to get done their things- for them not the way taken but aim is important. We need to teach them the importance of taking right way, no matter if you miss the aim your path is very important.

So, these days no 'DO and GET' offers at home...!

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