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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toddler Talk :: Where is Liya?

Since long, J had set our wedding time photo as his personal laptop wall paper. It's been such a long and we were never tied of looking at that. I am very thin there...*sigh*... and in a saree! Liya never identified myself as 'Momma' but she did recognize Pappa. So I had to teach her to identify me...lolz!

Couple of days before, Liya was staring at the photo and she asked "Momm and Pappa, but where is Mummu?" {Mummu- that's how she calls herself}.

 Now, it's time to change the wall paper with a family pic, I guess. Or I may end up answering a lot of stupid questions which she never understand.

Learning: We've a wildly curious little girl around..:P
I had seen many kids yelling at their parents' wedding pic "why didn't you guys took me along..."!  This may not be the case with all cultures. But, for people who don't understand this let me explain- as per Islamic teachings it's not allowed to have kids or any physical relationships between man and woman before wedlock. Again, the same is applicable in Indian culture too, no matter which religion you belong to.

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  1. Where is Mummu...?
    (A question 100 out of 100 parents face)


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