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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Much to Do Before 3 + 2.5 years update

Note: This is the Bucket list Update for March. This was in my drafts and today only noticed that I didn't publish it yet. So silly of me.

Welcome to another 'Bucket List' update. Sadly we don't have anything specific to cross in our TO DO list. But spring is almost (it's playing hide and seek...) here and Insha Allah we hope to cross a few items by April end.

As I haven't given you a 30 months update (yay we're already 2 and half), let's see what Liya is up to. Nothing new has happened since last month, like any other kid she is learning and exploring the world the world around.

* She has mastered the art of using scissors. She can crop paper, polythene etc easily. And the consequence is that our house is growing more and more messy everyday. She loves to remove tags from cloths, open the grocery polythene etc using scissor. By the way she made ice cream with scissors. Look at the picture..:)
The right side curves are not cropped by her, that was the part of the paper itself. She just made the scoop. I was so happy to see that she made it this way.

 Momma ducks creations as per little ducks instructions...

 * Henna Designs: Her J aunty's parents had brought her a mehandi cone from India. (They had gifted her a very pretty princess frock too). Since then she does so many designs on her hand. See one sweet design she made..:)

* She has got a weird habit of removing price tags from the stuffs we see in the malls. She will be running through the aisles and by the time we finish shopping she would have collected at least a few price tags. This is indeed disturbing. Many times it happened to me previously that I stumbled upon some piece of cloth or other stuff which I badly want to buy but when I take into counter they are unable to bill it because of missing price tag. Some kids like my Liya might have been the culprit. So I'm sure her weird love for price tags and stickers are gonna drive some other shoppers nuts. Though I'm trying my best to teach her not to do, no avail so far.

* Quite often she plays with water. She takes her chair inside bath room, fills her play pots from the basin... mixes with colors etc (actually she is cooking) and spills a major part in the carpet. Carpet is very colorful now, none of the carpet cleaners actually work for us.
**Please let me know if you have any suggestions regarding the best carpet cleaner. I want to get rid of the colors in carpet**
'Boiled eggs'

Salt to taste...

Squeezing a strawberry for flavor..

The 'boiled' eggs...

And finally here is our drawing progress!
This is a SPIDER according to Liya... You may count the legs!
So that's all. Stay tuned for our April updates. In Sha Allah!


  1. Lovely post....I like that spider & mehandi

  2. Wow, mastering the art of using scissors is pretty high on the list, great job Liya.
    I also love your creativity in drawing that spider. I think you are a very good artist.
    May I share your ice-cream or did you eat it all?


  3. YAY, Liya. What wonderfully marvelous fine motor skills!!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Way to go Liya!! and mommy too! This age takes a lot of patience. Blessings to you and yours.

  5. Cute! As for carpet cleaner: I've heard of using salt and club soda. Also, that OxyClean stuff really works!


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