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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book of the Week :: Little Apple Goat

Note: Another super delayed post, originally scheduled for April 25.
Theme: Jungle
Why this theme?: You all know 22 April was earth day. This earth and everything in it is a blessing for us and the greenery we see around is the donor of our bread and breath. We have to be grateful and hence we must preserve its originality and should not tamper it.  The awareness must start from within our homes and we owe to pass over the message to our little buds, as well. So, we chose to learn about the greenery from Little Apple Goat. This book is not about jungles but about orchards.

What's it all about...? 
The little apple goat is ordinary in every way except one- unlike other goats who love munching on oats or grass or laundry left on the line, she prefers to eat fruits from the orchard. But a sad thing happened on a story night- all the trees in the orchard fell down. The trunks were chopped down and farmers used the logs for chimney in winter. All animals were very sad and little goat was very gloomy. But, as the seasons passed by something magical happens and there grows another orchards from which all animals began to eat happily. Who grew the new orchard? 
 What did we learn...?  
  • We should only not be the acceptors but we must be donors too. Little apple goat not only ate apples and other fruits but he was the carrier of their seeds. He spread the seeds everywhere he goes and hence when one orchard was destroyed another one grew from the seeds he strewed. 
  • We learned about different seasons. We learned how trees grow as each seasons pass by. 
  • We learned that not only we human beings but all animals and birds are a part of this environment and they eat from it too. 
Liya's love...? 

Little Liya loves goats, she loves apples too. She loved learning about the changing seasons and she was so sad that on the stormy night little apple goat was very terrified. She did not like it to see the trees fell apart and goats whining.

Momma thoughts...? 

Beautiful story, cleverly written, colorful pics and charming illustrations- indeed a lovely book to inspire young readers. Caroline Jayne Church has done an amazing job. 


  1. beautiful!!
    Wonder why the author chose goat instead of a sparrow, squirrel or a crow who actually (in reality) spreads the seeds. May be the 'unusuality' brings interest in children, like the flying saucer!

    1. That's an interesting thought!

      I guess the author made a right choice with goat. Because it teaches not just birds or butterflies who contribute to keeping the earth clean and green...Every animals and birds contribute too. If author had picked a sparrow it would have been just a normal story, but goat made it an unexpected revealing to the kids that even a goat sprinkle the seeds as he walks along the road, then why can't we?

  2. Fine story for little ones. Thanks for sharing

  3. I think it is so great that you are starting while Liya is young, to teach her to take care of and respect this earth that God gave us. This was a wonderful project you did with her and so fun. She probably didn't even realize how much she was learning!

  4. Cute! I need to be better about reading to my kiddos. I keep thinking my 1 year old is too young, but he is not.

  5. Following from VB. I love this post! It is just too adorable. I want to rush my son and make him read already but he's only one! He says some letters and some numbers already.

  6. Loving this post! I love to listen to my 8 year old read, its so wonderful knowing how much they learn! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Salam alaikum! I love this story Liya, I read it a few times before. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Ooh...I need to pick up Little Apple Goat. My three year old would love it. He loves everything with animals. THanks for the great review on it.


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