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Monday, September 23, 2013

GoodBye Hyderabad, Good Morning Bangalore!

At last the much awaited day is right here. One of those busy days, packing, cleaning, loading, standing  and running a lot! But it was worth it. Liya loved the whole thing end to end.

All set to go!

It was L's long time wish go on long ride in a train. So, we chose to travel by an overnight train. Train journeys in India are one of the things I love most. If you are a foreigner, and love adventure trips, never miss a train journey in India. You will get to see the reflection of a common Indian Man's/woman's life in a General/ladies or sleeper compartment. It's fun watching them. Watching various faces of a much diverse country called Incredible India.

However, as this is Liya's first trip in a train and I am already overwhelmed by the news about frequent safety failures at Indian railway, we chose to travel by A/C compartment. When you travel with a cleanliness freak little one, hygiene is one of the last thing you can ever expect from India Railway. A/c compartments are much better though. Nevertheless, I love long travels by train, watching the scenery and life outside changing entirely as you cross each state boarder.

These pics talk it all–  how much she enjoyed first over night trip with IR!

On her berth!

Dinner- Egg Biriyani from IRCTC

Listening to Chai Chai, Coffee Coffee rants and sipping her cup of milk in the morning!

Excited to see the landscape running behind

Never ending fun!

Loads of learning...

Idly Vada- popular breakfast at India Trains

Exploring the tray cum table in the compartment

When it was time to sleep, Liya wanted to sleep in the side upper berth and we both slid down. Then she noticed the safety chain hanging right next to her knees and was curious to know what it is. I told her that is to pull only when we're in danger so that train will stop. She was curious to give it a try and see what happens. Well, it's not that easy. Dad will have to pay a good amount of fine to the railways, if we do it unnecessarily. She was insisting on pulling that and then we decided to move to lower berth. I am sure, she would have experimented on it if we were continuing to stay in the upper berth. However, I am not sure if her little hands are enough to pull the chain down. 

Good Morning Bangalore!

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