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Friday, September 20, 2013

Last Day @ Globe Toter's - our current school!

Finally, we're moving this weekend and so today is L's last day at current school (Globe toters). She had a wonderful experience at the school and surely we're gonna miss every bit of it. She was sad to realize that mostly she won't be seeing her dearest teachers and lovely friends anymore. Through the week she was insisting me that to take her early to school and she wanted to be the first one to reach. I was not knowing the intention behind it until I had a chat with one of her class teachers Ms. J today. Ms. J told me that through the week she was not letting anybody sit with Ms. J and she was sitting next to her all the day. Liya loved Ms. J and Ms. S (her class teachers) so much. Many times, she counts both of them as a part of our family. It was heartbreaking to see her almost falling into tears when I handed over her to the teacher today morning. We had prepared cards for the school, teachers and didi (the caretaker) and packet of chocolates for the lovely little bugs. 

Since J was away, and Liya was going through an emotional breakdown through the week, I was reassuring her that the new school she is gonna join will be having similar activities and good teachers and friends. She was not convinced though. Now that she is nearing her 4 and not so easy to hide things from her. So, we have been preparing her to accept the fact, talking about the good things she is gonna get in Bangalore. I have to admit that she was confused, no, anxious and lost. 

I am really thankful to the teachers, admin staffs and heads of the school for making the transition much smoother than I ever expected. Ms. J had assured that she will talk to Liya and make her feel comfortable about the transition. I am sure she did it. Because the girl came out from the school was not the one walked in today morning. They had prepared a nice farewell card for her, all of them sang we will miss you song, and wished her all the best. I am sure she felt like a princess today with all the love and care they showered upon her. She was all excited about the card and was showing it to each and everyone. Her teachers, head of the school and admin staff accompanied till the gate and made the day eventful. She was proud!!! 
Signed by center, admin heads and class teachers

Thank you so much everyone at school. Not every school is so kind to make the last day of the child this eventful! I owe a review about our whole schooling experience with GTG. Expect shortly!

P. S: I has taken pictures of the cards we bought for schools. I can't see any of them in my phone. There is only one culprit, I don't want to name her.. lol! 

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