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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yet Another....

It's been a long gap.. I really can't believe that nearly an year has passed by, without being blogged about Liya's life. So much has happened in L's life, yet I haven't found some time to record those memorable events. Poor Mom!

Technically, life in India was suppose to be much easier for me in many ways. Unlike in the US, I had a maid to do household chores and a cook who takes care of cooking lunch and dinner. However, practically, it was the opposite. Ever since I enrolled into a work integrated MS degree, I have been drowning in the flood of work, books, assignments, lectures, exams and most importantly handling my little girl in the midst of all these... I hope I will be able to get back to blogging shortly. In sha Allah!

Well, now we're taking another turn in life. Yet another transition, moving from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Though, this time the transition is within India, there are so much things changing for Liya. Her school, dear teachers and lovely bunch of friends.... to name a few! Over last couple of months, the shy, introvert girl has metamorphosed a lot, settled well with school and friends. Now, it's hard time.

She is still in dilemma, to move or not. While she loves the fact that my sister lives in Bangalore, and she will have someone to pamper her always. On the other side, she doesn't want to leave her school back and so she came up with a solution.."Why can't we move the entire school along with us Momma?".

L is worried about her prospective school, already- will the kids there talk to her, will all her new friends talk in "proper" English, will there be so much of activities in the school, will they go on field trips, will there be so much of "fun" and so on- I am bombarded with numerous questions everyday. Sometimes, I wonder how much these preschoolers think!!! Just too much than I ever imagined!

Pappa has already moved and joined his new workplace. Girl and Momma are still contemplating "the moving part of it"- Yet another "throwing, cleaning, packing, unpacking" time is right here. L has promised that she will take care of "packing her things and cleaning the mess she has created"..lol! Only thing is that there won't be anything eligible for throwing, in her dictionary, everything is some or other way "important" for her.

Besides all these J and I  (to some extended L also) are happy that we're moving. It's a long time wish come true- how long we've been craving to be closer to our extended family. And now we're right there, Ma Sha Allah (As God wills).

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  1. Congrats on the big changes like the Masters Nish. I do understand about the moving around,but I assume it will eventually be the best thing being close to family and everything. We are still trying to get into the groove of being on our own in our new home etc, but sometimes I do feel more empowered to do more for the family sine we are alone.

    Liya, inshaAllah will make all the transitions- kids always do.


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