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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Independence Day India!!!

Liya's school conducted independence day celebrations yesterday. Kids were asked to come in colorful dress. She got up early in the morning, got ready without any hassles. She was yelling "It is independence day celebration today..."

She got back from school and I asked her: "So, tell me what's independence day?"

"You don't know Momma? It's the day we will wear colorful dress to schools, sing, dance and do activities (around independence day theme)..." :) :) 

Well, now I am confused how to explain "independence day" to a 4 year old child. I am sure her teachers also have limitations in explaining "what's freedom" to the kids who have everything at their fingertips and have never been one who fights for rights!! 

I am sure, she will learn it as she grows up!

[However, I should mention that the school has put in effort in teaching kids about the country, it's heritage, culture etc. When she finds India in globe, I can see her eyes gleaming in pride.]

29 States, 1618 Languages, 6400 Castes, 6 Ethnic Groups, 29 Major Festivals and 1 Country!!

Happy independence day to All!

Independence Day celebration in our Apartment

Reading Independence Day Special Book


  1. She's growing beautifully,and she's super smart too :). I cannot believe how long it has been. I miss reading your updates.

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