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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Broadcaster

How embarrassing it is to learn that there is nothing happens in our home without being broadcasted to the school!! L's teacher though puts it as "she is very expressive", I sometimes find it hard to imagine up to what extend she would be sharing about her "home" in the school.

Some of them that her teacher shared with us are:

  • My Pappa smiles very rarely. [She even asked teacher how to make her dad smile so often. Everyone who knows J is aware that he is not very outspoken or social person by birth. But she wants to change him.] 
  • Every Monday my Pappa must wear tie to office.
  • We are going to buy a big land back in Kerala and we will build a big house there.. [This is not something which we have not even dreamt of as of now. When I asked her why did she say this to ma'm, she justified it because her cousin (my SIL) is building a house, so should we.]
  • She keeps talking about her "sister", and the teacher actually thought I have another daughter older to her. 
  • My momma doesn't give me milk. [Just one day in these four years I deliberately didn't give her milk as she was coughing and seemed to have mucus accumulation. See, this has gone to school in such a way that she is never given milk in her life at all...]
  • My Momma sleeps al the time... [This is the ultimate. Being a WAHM, plus perusing MS and dealing with a curious girl along with my "Work at home hours" all alone, I can not even dream about sleeping through the day time. One day, I was totally ill and dozed off around 7.00 PM And that's this dialogue all about. :) ]
Not only things that happen in the home are being transmitted, but anything what J and I discuss, or we discuss with family over phone, her own observation or evaluation of things happening around etc are also being communicated. 

Finally, I told her "Liya, you don't need to share everything that happens in the home with your friends and teachers. But, you should share every single thing happening at the school with your Momma.

Now, I seriously doubt that the above instruction has been communicated as it is in the school.

Just wondering how do people handle such situations? 


  1. That was good of you to tell her to share what happens at school. I don't think at this point she will understand the implications of what you mean about not sharing at school, but she's growing. I love her, she is so sweet and funny.

  2. It's good to explain her these things, even if today it does not make sense to her. In a way it means she feels quite free at school. With time she will understand some things can be shared and others are more private!
    Hopefully she will soon share all about her day when she gets home too.
    Take care Nishana and a big kiss to your lovely little girl. Marie


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