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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project 2014 :: Week 1

This project, though I had joined last year, had to quit in less than 2 weeks, lol. However, this time I am determined to take it through the year (In sha Allah!). This is basically about taking a random pic everyday through the year and sharing it on the  blog. To make it easier this year, I am planning to share the photos every week as a collage. (In Sha Allah- If God wills). Wish me luck!

Day 1: Momma is finally determined to get back to reading. The first book on the list for the year, a Malayalam book  which takes a walk through the last 14 centuries of Islamic history.

Day 2: Quail eggs, Liya's current crush. She has been surviving on hormone free organic eggs so far, and we have decided to try out quail eggs for a change. I bought a box of them from Kerala and supposedly hormone free. 

Day 3:  Bangalore is freezing now. Though it's nothing compared to the snow and -22 to -25 CG we survived in Buffalo, the cold breeze is keeping us away from outdoors in the evenings. So we take a afternoon walk, when the sun brims over our heads. Liya is little hesitant to walk in the sun, hence I made her learn the importance of naturally making Vitamin D in our bodies..lol :) 

Day 4: Baked veggies. From my quick weekend menu.. 

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