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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Thinker!

Whenever L turns silent, especially on a car ride either she would be sleeping or "thinking". She is a thinker otherwise also. Thinks a lot, and at times laughs aloud in loneliness. When I enquire she usually roll out some old stories from the past and giggle aloud...

The other day, she was silent in the back seat for a long time and suddenly said... "Pappa, I was just thinking.." in very serious tone.

"What were you thinking my dear?"

"What if I take my bicycle and ride to school everyday..." 

Note, she was too serious.

OMG! What did the girl say? Riding bicycle alone in the 9 o clock traffic. Though, that's never gonna happen, we were amazed at how far she has reached. Trying to be independent in everything she does...!!!

I can not even imagine riding car in the morning traffic. According to her she knows that we must stop at red signal, go at the green signal and do "tring tring" on the bicycle bell whenever required....:)

So far, she has never taken bicycle out of our apartment compound and I don't think she will be in another couple of years for sure.. In sha Allah!


  1. It's good she knows the rules of the street traffic. But I would be like you, I would not allow my little one to travel by bicycle, on her own. I would not do it myself!!!
    Take care Nishana and love to Liya!!

  2. I keep looking at her pictures since the time I met you...she has grown so beautifully and wise too- mashaAllah. Happy 2014!


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