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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book of the Week :: Pizza in His Pocket

All those stories of children suffering around the globe is leaving me heartbroken. Those are the moments I personally realize that I have lost count on the umpteen blessings in my life. The photo of a mom and a baby frozen down to death in Syria and the news about 40 kids died from cold weather in a Refugee camp at Muzaffer Nagar  have really shaken me. That was the reason I picked the book Pizza in His Pocket: Learning to be Thankful to Allah as the book of the week. To tell my daughter how blessed we're in words that she would comprehend!

This is from my old collection, bought it from the US. I do not think this book is available in India.

Though L hardly understood some specific words in the book (like the specific food from different parts of the world), she always understood the prominent message in the story- the importance of sharing and being thankful to God for everything we have. 

The story is is about a boy who loved eating and ate till his tummy hurts. Wherever he goes he relished the food of that place. The book talks about the delicious food from the corners of the world - like gyros made in Cairo, bon bons from the Bahamas Beach, Lemonades from Yemen.. etc. One day he came across a girl who was crying from hunger and then the boy realizes how bad of him it was not to share food with people who suffer from poverty. The book is prepared in such a way that the words rhyme and synch so well and assured to enter the hearts of little one... "The boy who ate and ate till his tummy hurts..." - something that the little ones can hardly forget!

Three things that stuck in L's mind for last two years of reading this book are:

  • We should be thankful to Allah for all the food we have and we should not waste anything.
  • We should not overeat and we should try to share with less privileged people. 
  • We should never be like the boy "who ate and ate and ate.."

On the funny side, when she doesn't really want to eat something, she advices me: "Momma, don't you remember the boy who ate and ate and got tummy ache... :P. So we should not over eat.."


  1. We have this book too. it's always a good message, and good to let the children be aware of others who dont have so much, so they can be thankful and so they can think of helping others!

  2. Oh I have not come across this book before...must get this for my girls.

  3. I want this book as well. We are getting to a point where Hassan also speaks about things/characters in books. Good learning experience.

  4. I have never heard of this book - looks good!


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