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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 7

Day 40:  New friend- son of mum and pappa's friends!

Day 41: With her cousin- my nephew! Doesn't that look cute?

Day 42: Back to Bangalore today morning. Girl and Momma travelled without Pappa, over a night journey. Morning, I opened the kitchen balcony door to see a wonder. My curry leave plant has started getting new leaves. Last 3-4 months I have been feeding this plant, yet never it tried to make a new leave. I was about to throw this plant and get a new one. Sounds like she had been listening to my rants..lol!

Day 43: A sunny eve, sounded like the cold breeze wasn't there anymore. So, momma and girl took a stroll in the garden and there we met her cute friend. Fun time with her lovely friend after a long gap! 

Day 44: Whale and Dolphins I found in girl's bag today. She said Ma'am gifted it. I was quiet upset over it thinking how can a teacher do that to a student alone. I investigated and found that Ma'am had just given it to hold it in hands, not to take home... So we returned them. 

Day 45: Girl has gone crafty. She was preparing a gift for her cousin that she would gift when we go home next time. IA!

Day 46: Our new buy from today's shopping spree. All of them are for the girl..;)

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