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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 6

Day 33: Lazy Sunday. Mummy and Girl are up to something- indeed in crafty way!
Day 34: Comparatively better floor today after girl's playtime. What I as a Work-at-home-Mum, left with in the evening is a happy child and a messed up house. The whole effort my housemaid puts in to keep the house clean lasts only few hours - exactly at 1.30 pm, things start looking different, because girl gets back home from school after 1.00. 

However, I am proud to say that this messy home and happy child is the factors behind my success as a WAHM..:) 

Day 35: I always hate visiting Govt offices for the slowness in getting things done. However, once in a while you will have to visit one of them. On my visit to my bank close to noon. Empty chairs and silent office made me wait nearly an hour to submit my application for address change.. :)

Day 36: Girl is improving on her writing skills. Now she is keen to give a try with writing every word that comes to her mind. Today, she wrote fox, ox and box because they were learning about X in the school. 

Day 37: Indian trains - girl's favorite commuting means, mum's too! On our way to Kerala.
Day 38: A feverish kid, the last thing you want when you are on a travel. Though the fever hiked up to 102 degrees, Alhamdulillah (Praise to Lord), she recovered quickly!
Day 39: This is why we are in Kerala today. To be at the biggest Islamic conference, to be one among the 5 lakhs who attend the meeting. A pic from the largest muslim women conference in the world. 

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