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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 8

Day 47: Dad was off to work for half a day. Never before this happened in our household on a Sunday. L missed dad and so made a card. She didn't know the spelling to write "I LOVE YOU PAPPA". So, I helped with spellings. Often, I wonder how deeply girls are connected with dads. Thank God for blessing us with a girl!

Day 48: The gift she was preparing for her cousin is well packed. Prepared and packed by L only and so I have no idea what and all she put it inside. She is not letting me check either. Hopefully, she didn't put in anything that would go rotten over days! :P 
Day 49: A book trail (in her-own words) which a toy car can pass through. Look at the books she used!
Day 50: Done with our homemade finger paints. Gearing up to cook again. 

Day 51: Light iftar (breaking fast) after a voluntary fasting. 
Day 52: That moment when the cloth pressing vendor turns up after many days of "missing", all the cloths are washed, pressed and arranged... Peace!
Day 53: At medical lab to give a blood test for Momma. 

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