A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaytaanir-rajeem! Bismillah...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Little joys of life!

All these years
you have been reading to her...
modulating your voice...
pretending the character
making her think, laugh and learn
to make her curious and sometimes perplex
enjoying the fun
breaking the boundaries of imagination
helping her fall in love with books
listening to her imagination...

And there comes a day...

when she reads a whole book
all by herself
Singing phonics song, recalling the "sounds" of letters
stringing words to make trembling sentences...
trying over and again...
finishing the whole book
smiling at you joyfully...
or proudly or blissfully!! 

I am grateful..
That I have been there...
That I get to relish the bliss of motherhood!
That I get to witness little but big moments of accomplishments! 


  1. Teary -eyed over here...I remember when Iman read her first book, then Amira, soon inshaAllah Hassan will. You go Liya. Super Girl...you are awesome!

  2. Thank you for being with us throughout the journey.

    I hope Hassan will soon (IA), then baby Zee one day! How nice it's that you have been there many times. Love it.. :)

    P.S: You know sis, I still love to call Hassan "rainbow"..;)

  3. It must be a very precious moment Nishana. This day will come for us too.
    Life is full of these special times when we have little ones by our side.

  4. Hi...it is great that your little gal has started reading so young. How is it possible? Can you do a post with pointers/tips of how to make lil ones read on their own? If there is one already pls forgive as I am still new and exploring your blog I might have still not come across it. BTW, I just love your blog, it's great!!


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