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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hyderabad Preschools Review: Globe Tot'ers

My reviews on Hyderabad preschools- see here!
I often get personal emails from Hyderabad parents inquiring which school we finally settled with. Now that we've moved out from the school and the city and almost spend one term of Nursery and first term of Kindergarten 1 with Globe toters, I am gonna talk about our experience with the school. I know it's very late. Better late than never. Given that I have reviewed many schools in Hyderabad, from my personal point of view as a parent, I have never given a feedback on this school, here. Good things should be said and must be said louder. So, here you go. 

Disclaimer: All that I scribble below are from our personal experience and are true incidents. I am a mother who trusted the school and sent a child there. I am neither asked nor paid for writing this note. Purely meant to help parents who are sailing in the same boat. 
- Child centric, holistic approach

As a parent in school hunting these are the words you come across, very often. All the schools you walk in for the first time would promise that they follow a holistic approach while rarely someone do this. We parent (or we were) a shy and introvert girl, who is over protective herself since the time I can remember. A girl who is smart at home and all silent and shy outside, mostly very difficult to get her talking to someone outside her confined zone or get mingled in a social gathering. She has never been cranky girl, just been terrifically silent in a mob. During out first PTM (parent teacher meeting), her class teacher (Dr. Archana) said me that she is very shy but she did not say it as a complaint, rather the words were rightly put in such a way that she was assuring me that every child is different and there is nothing to worry about her. Moreover, she extended her whole support to us in bringing the child forward as a more "social" person. During our tenure with the school, all the teachers and heads in the schools used to tell me that she is kinda of introvert, however, assured to handle her keeping that in mind.

Everyone who talked to me never put it as a complaint, rather what I experienced is that they have understood the child wholly and they were trying to ensure that we're not worried over it. In our final PTM, we were told that she has changed so much since her first weeks in the school, and she started mingling with kids and she is no more shy to tell stories in the class and opening up so much. I learned that they were not just saying it but that was the fact. I saw her shouting "Bye- Bye" to teachers, which she hardly did before. She only used to whisper. Moreover, her K1 teacher Ms. Jyothi said that Liya says loads of stories to her and the class and many times more than others do. She also assured that L is above average students in the class with her English grammar  nearly perfect. Ms. Sumiyya, who was her teacher (2 teachers handles a classroom) in both the classes (Nursery + K1 ) been a wonderful person too.

[When we moved to Bangalore, her class teacher at new school said to me: "I can't tell you  how much I love your daughter. She is such a smart and incredible child who is the STAR of our class". She was reluctant to believe that Liya was an introverted girl till a few months ago! According to the current teacher, L is her assistant and a talented leader!] 

As parents, we've tried our best to make her mingle with people. However, for this metamorphosis we don't want to take any credit. All credit goes to the school and her class teachers for knowing the child in depth and ensuring that everyone in the school treats the child knowing their limitations and peculiarities. That is what I expected from a pre-school. We are thankful to the entire crew at Globe Toters, for helping our little girl come out from her shell.

- Positive Energy

What I have found best thing about the GT is that the way they make kids feel comfortable, especially in the morning. In most of the schools, you will see a Aya or a teacher waiting to welcome to the children, while in GTG you see entire staff in the school, especially the center head and admin head waiting in the school gate and receiving children. If you ask me, does it make a difference, yes it really does. First thing, as the head of school if someone sits in the cabin vs someone coming and waiting for your child to be in their hands makes a huge difference. I have always felt a positive energy flowing in the mornings because of their pleasant smiles and warm welcoming to the children. Firstly, it makes children comfortable and secondly, it teaches children to be down to earth and involving no matter where you belong.

- Curriculum:

We have truly loved their curriculum. I was said that it was a result of many years long researches from the educational experts at Birla. We were looking for an explorative learning experiences, with no "textbooks" and compulsions. Free learning and free play were our priority.

What other things we liked about the curriculum is the in-depth wisdom it has brought into our child, making her a "thinker". I have a curious kid growing in our home, who questions everything she comes across. Never ending series of "whys" is what we encounter everyday. I said wisdom because the curriculum is not concentrating on making your kids parrots, rather they were able to seed knowledge in children. Their themes are carefully designed and knowing how much kids can "learn" at the particular age and what they need to learn. For example, as a 3 year old I never knew about the healthy food habits and here is my daughter when I give her something to eat the first question will be "Momma, is it healthy or junk?. Ma'm has taught that home food is best we should avoid eating outside". She gives me long lectures about healthy food habits and I never knew that a 3 year old can learn, understand and put into practice, in such a depth. Truly impressed about the learning experience.

She got back home with so much of knowledge and eager to "teach" momma new things everyday. From her I learned about "how it rains". She taught the whole steps of how rains are "formed and showered" and why should we save trees. Believe me, I have a four year child, who badly wants to "save trees and save earth". Every once in a while she said me "Momma, trees gives us oxygen and so I want to save them." How easy for me as a mother to take it forward and teach her about the importance of keeping earth clean and hygiene when has already has an urge to do that.

Again, what I noticed is that she consider her teachers as a moving encyclopedia and so whatever they teach, she heeds it. She taught me so many things about trees, wild animals, farm animals, vehicles, bugs, butterflies, leaves and so many things around us and I have to admit that even during our story times, neither I dared to teach her in that depth, nor I knew that they are excited to learn about things around them in depth.

I liked the way they noted down anecdotes of the kid's time at school and shared it with parents. How nice it's to know every single thing your child did in the school. Also, the way they send the final report card was incredible. I wish I could live pre-schooling again by myself... lol!

- Approach to parents:

We have always experienced the huge respect they displayed to us as parents of their student. There were no blames, no compulsions, no rants. They understood what a working mum is and respected my priorities. Never been judgmental, never said that "you don't find time for your child... or you don't love your child" etc. There has never been a moment where they did it with "you do whatever we say" attitude. Moreover, they constantly reminded the parents about taking the education of the child as a joint responsibility. They encourage parents to volunteer programs and be a part of the journey with the child. Yet, never blamed if a parent can't volunteer or make it to an event for some reasons!

[Remember, how rudely another school head wrote to me! ]

I was truly impressed on the last day of Liya at the school (read here in detail) . The whole crew at GTG had made her feel proud and they did every single thing to make sure that the transition is smooth. Her class teacher, center head and admin head waited for me to say goodbye and wished us good luck. They thanked us for trusting our child with them. Since the day I gave notice for withdrawing child from the school, I never faced any change of behavior from their side. They were the same what they were during our tenure with the school. The admin head (Mrs. Bindu) invited me to her personal cabin to express her gratitude for putting our trust on them. I said her "It's we who should be thanking you for all the great experience and lesson you've offered us as parents and to our daughter as well. You've set a benchmark and I dread if I will ever come across something to meet/break it so that my girl's learning will be as good as it was here".

All I learned from the "last day" experience is that many people make you feel "great" the time you are with them and when you decide to leave, most of them display a different face that you've never seen. However, these people taught me, it really matters who you make a lasting impression. Even a smile and shake-hand you offer to someone who is parting you make huge difference- a long lasting impression.

It's not all about how you make the first impression that matters, but how you make a lasting one! 

Once again, thank you the whole crew at GTG for setting our benchmark very high!

P.S: They are little higher on the price scale and we were very reluctant at beginning to go ahead with the school. However, it was worth it! 

Any queries? Contact me at princessliyablogs@gmail.com. 

Reminder: All photos are copyrighted!

My reviews on Hyderabad preschools- see here!


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