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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Response from KinderKare Gachibowli for my review : Disgusting!

Today, early in the morning I was more than happy to see that KinderKare, Gachibowli has sent a response to the post I made after my bad experience at their school. However, as I read through,  I seriously thought if they wouldn't have sent this mail. The only word I could express my feeling is SHOCK... SHOCK... I am pasting the mail as it's below, adding my comments in BLUE highlight. I would really appreciate if my readers could take a moment and tell me if this is something you expect from a respected school management? Would you send your child to this school, after reading this mail. I would expect to read with a neutral mindset and share your honest opinions. 


Dear Mother of Liya,

I am Lt Col Rajasekhar Reddy and I am the Director and part of the management of Kinderkare Day care and preschool.

Firstly I thank you for the feedback you had given us and nice that you had shared it with all the specific details you had given. I am sorry for the so called bad experience that you presumably had. As the person responsible for the functioning of KINDERKARE I am happy to see that my staff had been doing their job well considering that they are normal human beings( with no psychological disorder).

[Mum Liya: Dear sir, Did I ever say that they were abnormal or have psychic disorder? What does this mean?  Aren't you reading a parent review with a 'we're perfect mindset? Or do you want to say that I am not a normal human being? I do believe that human mistakes can happen. I am not perfect either.] 

Before I give you my point of view I would like to share some facts:

·        Kinderkare’s first and foremost responsibility is to take care of its children and their parents needs rather than look after the likely admissions/ likely parents. Most of other facilities might do so BUT we do not. Hence the PTA meet was definitely more important than you at that point of time.

[Mum Liya: Dear sir, I would recommend you to read my post again. Did I complain that you didn't give me importance over your PTA meeting? Please once again read 'View 1' you pasted later in this mail, copied from my blog.] 

·        Very few preschools give you such elaborate Points to see before taking admissions as we had given. Probably there is NO such preschool OR a day care which has such a refund policy which promises you to refund your fee if you intend taking back your admission IRRESPECTIVE OF THE REASON OF WITHDRAWL. This is confidence I have on the kinderkare way of functioning. There would be areas which need improvement and we would strive to improve.

[Mum Liya:  Just by giving some' points to consider' in a website, which any keen parent could find just by googling doesn't make any difference to me. Personally, I had prepared a checklist by myself much before visiting your website. Also, I would like you to take a look at my positive review about your fee refund policy in my post.] 

·        All the testimonials in the website are ACTUAL videos shot at the facility. See how many such facilities have you come across. 

[Mum Liya: Personally, I don't pay attention to the testimonials you (or any business) post in own website. I haven't come across any business who post a negative response they receive from client. Also, the way you responded to my post and the words you used below are nothing better than a clear proof of your standard.] 

I would like to reply / put across my point of you to all your opinion as below:

Your view No 1: Well, let me give a try with them only. We went to the school on Saturday. We drove all the way from Begumpet to Gachibowli, which took nearly 45 minutes in Hyderabad traffic. But the school was holding parents- teachers meeting that day. They were badly busy. The teacher who was welcoming parents at the gate treated us well whilst having a really busy day. She apologized for being busy but promised we would be able to talk to center head (Ms. Geeta). The center head was not quite happy to see us. It was apparent on her face and she sounded like we are busy you may go more than we are busy, let me see if I can help you someway attitude. I totally understand their situation, but I personally feel that they could have treated us better. 

Managements reply No 1: If you had come all the way from Begumpet travelling in such bad traffic neither Kinderkare nor Mrs Geetha’s has anything to do with that. Coming on the day of our PTA meet speaks of your poor organizing skills. When going to the facility for the first time you should have taken an appointment or at least found out the timings. The contact no were available in the same website you had STUDIED so well. If you wanted to come on an unscheduled visit to see how the facility functions you need to be prepared for these eventualities. All this is for choosing the best facility for your child. If you do not have time for all this you better do not cheat yourself and your child, you better have a rethinking on your priorities towards your child and towards your career. This does not need an IITian’s IQ to draw an inference.  

[Mum Liya: Dear readers, I leave this to your personal judgement. Did the view part and reply part actually match? Was he answering to the view he copied?

Dear sir: I recommend you please read my post again. Don't you expect your teachers to say a polite excuse to a parent, who come on your busy day, unexpectedly? Do you think that will make all your rules to fall into pieces? I do not understand. As I said earlier, I was quite comfortable with the teacher at the gate. 
.... and she sounded like we are busy you may go more than we are busy, let me see if I can help you someway attitude. I totally understand their situation, but I personally feel that they could have treated us better. (- words from my post)

Where am I questioning about your a busy day? Didn't I admit that I understand the situation? 

Saying a NO upfront and saying it politely makes a lot of difference. I do understand you were busy. But for me, both takes same amount of 'time'. I absolutely don't have an issue that they asked me go on that day,  (in fact I felt bad that I had to interrupt them on a busy day) my issue was that as a parent I wish teachers to give a feeling "could please you come another day"  in their approach than "you may please go approach" - I hope you get it. It's just my perspective. If you think you are perfect, that's up to you.  

If you haven't read my mail well, for your kind information, my husband had already visited your school a day before, by using the same contact means. 

 All this is for choosing the best facility for your child. If you do not have time for all this you better do not cheat yourself and your child, you better have a rethinking on your priorities towards your child and towards your career. This does not need an IITian’s IQ to draw an inference.   

 How can a teacher make such worst comment? How can you make a judgment that I am cheating my child? How do you know what are my priorities? Just because I visited on a Saturday doesn't mean that I have priorities for my career over my child. That can also means that I have a priority for my child over anything, if you really want to give it a thought. This is one of the worst comment a school management could have ever said to a parent. I seriously feel pity for your prejudices. Whether I am having time for my child or not is not something you can presume. This is nothing but offending excuse you find for something which I have written in a positive way, pointing the area of improvement. ] 

Your view No 2 : Monday, I had to take a half day off from work, again drove down all the way from Begumpet to Gachibowli. This time only Liya and I were there. We reached there around 10.00 am. Principal was again not so pleased to see us. I said her “I am sorry that I had to come in the morning. First of all I am on half day leave. And secondly I am coming from such a distance, avoiding all peak traffic hours."

Managements reply no 2: Half Day leave, Peak timings, distance etc. Again, what has Kinderkare anything to do with this?

[Mum Liya: I do understand that NOTHING. But, there is something called MUTUAL respect. Respect can not be taught to kids, that's something they are learning from others. Two times when a parent comes (and second one is informed), RESPECT their time, their effort, eagerness about the kid and needs. Give them a pleasant appearance. I do not mind if your school doesn't actually values it, however that's something I personally look for. That's purely my choice and in my blog post I have made it very clear that all opinions I expressed are according to my choice and views. ]

Your view no 3: After all, I am taking a decision about the future of my kid. And I have the right to question as per their policy. 

She did not let me see any class rooms. They don't allow visitors to classrooms during work hours. I honestly didn't like it. Some parents may find it as a positive thing. But for me it's totally negative. Parents are no more redundant in the current education system. They play an equal and important role. If they can't see how you conduct classes, there is a kind of master-slave concept- I 'll tell, you believe. After all this is a preschool, kids are playing there, not writing IAS examination. 

Managements reply No 3: As I told you earlier, my students take the topmost priority and not others. Your entry into the class room distracts the tiny tots. If you want to see the class room you have the live CCTV. If you want to see the infrastructure there are visiting hours.

 [MumLiya: It was purely my personal opinion that kids of this age would need to bring out everything from them, but just be confined to a their comfort zone. That's why I still feel you follow more like a conventional methodology. Which is purely my opinion and my perspective, I am NOT expecting you to change your policies for me. But as an Indian, I have the freedom to express my views, in my personal space.  I do look for a school who encourage parent involvement, as much as possible. If you have read my post till end, you might have seen that later I have mentioned that as my husband had seen premises, I was okay just see the premises live in CCTV alone. I honestly respect your opinion and philosophies, however I am not a parent who would want an all silent school, and so I did not find it wrong to add when I write a review about a school.]

Your view No 4: non availability of seats in Nursery

Managements reply No 4: Easiest thing for us is to say yes take one more admission. You are paying the fee and its beneficial to the management. This is what anybody else would have done. BUT we do not do that and that is the difference. When we promise a specific class to children ratio, child-teacher ratio, child-aaya ration, we do not dilute this we do not compromise in spite of this being financially beneficial to us.

As regards a kid leaving to the US and a kid leaving to Bangalore. These are true however it was a coincidence that these happened on that very day. You could come over and verify from these two parents and the status is the same to this day.
·        One parent had gave a letter in the month of oct’12 saying that they were to move to the US in Nov’12. Later they changed their views and postponed it by 2 months and they gave a written communication accordingly. As on date their plans to shift the child is shelved for this year.
·        On the day of your visit it was a coincidence that another parent verbally told the Principal that they would be moving to Bangalore.  This was the tele conversation in telugu( between Mrs Geetha and the principal) which you made a mention of. By the way they are leaving on 01 Dec’12, hence Mrs Geetha asked you to confirm with her on 26 Nov. In case you wish, you may speak to both these parents. You may do so from here as individuals personal particulars are confidential.

[MumLiya: - I am sorry that I have to completely differ with your opinion here. Easiest thing you could do was being straightforward on our very first visit. When my husband visited the school, two days before it, absolutely no seat unavailability was discussed. Moreover, the Head had mentioned, we can come and take admission anytime. Suddenly, when I visited (my second visit, but altogether third visit) all these drama happened. If you don't have seat just make it clear at our first visit. Why DON'T they say "We do not have seat available as of  now. One seat is expected to be free by December but I can't give any guarantee on that. You may check with school by end of Nov. Until then we can't say anything." Instead, my husband was told seat is available, later Ms. G told me that she discussed about play school not nursery with my husband. But my husband was 101% sure that they discussed about nursery. Also I saw that he had enquired for nursery, as I checked the register on Ms. G's desk. That's when this US story popped up. It may be true or false, it's not a justifiable deed.

Congrats for your attempts to convince me and justify your mistake. However, I would recommend you to read the post again at least at this part. I still did not understand why did they have to take all these 'drama' other than just being straightforward? If it was a mistake, why don't they just apologize and say "I apologize that we have given wrong info to your husband without checking the availability. We regret for your time and effort?"  Why do they say "you can block the seat" in the morning and change opinion in the afternoon. Don't you have a policy in place to address such situation? Why don't you just say, we can not do anything as of now. I have even told Mrs G that I will come next day and pay admission fee. She was okay with this. Honestly, if you were straightforward, I would have been one of those regretful parents who didn't get an opportunity to send my child into such a honest and straightforward people. ]

Your view No 5:  Though Liya was accompanying me, G did not pay any attention to her. Liya was coughing while we were seated in her cabinet (due to the fan revolving on her head, and plus morning  long drives in two days). She just asked if Liya wanted some water and asked an aaya to bring a glass of water for her. Other than that she didn't ask her name or try to build rapport or help her get a pleasant feeling about the school. I felt that she was not completely child friendly. In fact, Liya didn't like the school at all. It reminded me of the conventional education system.
Managements’ reply no 5: Mrs Geetha asking if your child required for water was good. Speaking to the child the way you mentioned at the very first meeting of the child and the facility head in the presence of the child’s mother is done in my opinion by the MARKETING SAVY staff ( MBA, HR ) which we are not. Our aim is not to lure parents to take an admission. My personal suggestion to parents always has been that –Making the child/preschooler travel for an hour one way is not advisable (however outstanding the preschool is).

[Mum Liya: I respect that you don't recommend children to travel. Nor did I want my child to travel more than 2-3 kms a day. 
Our traveling from Begumpet to Gachibowli was temporary as we are staying here temporarily. That I have made clear to Mrs. G. Interacting with kids in the presence of parents is not always business trick, especially, in my case I was looking for a school who would help my child settle with the changes and shock she was facing due to the cross cultural move we recently been through. [Her current school nicely did that job in a single day].  I have made this very clear to Mrs.G. Also, all  that my daughter wanted was warm welcoming and feeling home... upfront! Parents buttering and making kids feel comfortable are totally  different, I believe. A teacher should know to differentiate between these, that's my opinion. So, I would evaluate based on that.  If you don't know, I have seen an another mother's review on her personal blog, mentioning the same, about your school. Please google for it.]

Your View No 6: Un-announced visits are vital in seeing firsthand, how the school staff interacts with visitors - You fail 100% here. 
[If any parent has a contradictory opinion than me, that is probably because they haven't walked in to the school wearing a scarf. I don't see any other chance for this bad treatment towards me. Honestly, of all the schools I visited in Hyd, this was the only school where I had a personal bad experience like this. Every other school treated me well as a parent, despite their busy schedules. ] 

Management’s reply No 6: If you expect the school authorities to entertain you on a PTA meet day (which is a very important and a busy day for the preschools who respect sincere interaction with the parents), then please think again. Our priority is not fresh admission. Our priority is the child who is with us.

[MumLiya: I feel so pity to read this. I would recommend you to read my post again. Once again, I have not been talking about the day of PTA meeting, but about the next Monday when I visited with no other visitors at Principal's desk, except me. If I really had a problem with what happened on the day of PTA meeting, I wouldn't have visited your school on Monday. And excuse me- I did not come for an entertainment there. How silly you are in judging that a parent's questions were just entertainment and fun? For me personally, my child's education is not an entertainment. I wanted to get a very clear idea about the system before taking admission. That's no more fun.]

By coming on a Saturday you did not pay an un announced visit. You ONLY came that day probably because it suited you and your office timings. If you really wanted to pay an un-announced visit you should have taken pains to visit on a working day. The facility is closed on Saturdays. We are open on Saturdays for our administrative/ office requirements only. By mentioning that you wanted to pay an un announced visit, think again whom are you fooling? You are fooling yourself and depicting not so great concern in your child preschool selection as compared to your office/personal convenience.

[MumLiya- Dear sir, no words, simply no words to tell. How far you can go personally insulting me and making judgements on my personal things which you have no clue about? How do you know all these? Who told you that Saturday is not a working day for me?  Did you know that my husband has paid an unannounced visit on a Working Day, prior to mine?  I did on a Saturday, not because I was an irresponsible parent but because I wanted to talk to your teachers, Ayas and Head in detail. The third visit I did on a Monday, after informing the teachers. Still, how could you do such a disrespectful prejudice? Who in the world doesn't do things as per their convenience? Every one does that. That doesn't mean that I have least priority for something. That's not a negative thing either.] 

Your View No 7: Take a quick tour and come back later with more questions. - You really don't encourage this in reality. I had to face wrinkled face of your Center Head. 

Management’s reply No7:  The lady is probably your mother’s age and the wrinkles on the face depict the experience. I am proud to have experienced staff rather than people young good looking girls with or without communication skills at the front office. Those sort of girls are required for a different profession which I do not like to discuss now. Secondly if you felt that a face with wrinkles was not an advantage at a preschool or a day care then may god bless you and your kith and kin and god bless your employer. Surely KINDERKARE is no good facility for you.

[MumLiya: I was not at all referring to her facial wrinkles, but the approach and expression to a prospective parent. Nor did I think that the word wrinkled in the context actually refer to her age. Wrinkles can appear on someone's face either from age or even from unhappiness. The former deserve respect and I respect them wholeheartedly while the latter does  not. I am so sorry that it was mistaken for her personal look or age. I would definitely make it clear on my post. I do respect her for her age and experience. But, being pleasant, warming and happy to parents have nothing to do with age or makeup or beauty. I felt that they wanted me to just get out from the office as soon as possible. This is where I was having issue. Once again, I am sorry that my word 'wrinkles' was mistaken for her skin and complexion. 
While am zero bothered on beauty, I am very much bothered on approach to parents, irrespective of their age group. Honestly, I would respect Mrs G for her age and experience. I do respect that she is older than my mother. With all due respect let me tell you, nowhere in my post I have intensionally made any attempts to attack her or anyone personally. I have also written all the plus points of her and the school as well. However, I would bring a point to your attention that  throughout your mail you were taking things personally, not professionally.] 

Your View No 8 ; Are you encouraged to drop in at any time to see your child ? - What's the point in coming into the school anytime, if the parent is not permitted to enter classroom? Dropping in at the school entrance doesn't make any difference to a parent more over you don't provide CCTV access to parents. 

Managements reply no 8: The parents are not permitted to just barge into a class room, however they are always and every time permitted to have a look at the live CCTV. The CCTV coverage is also available for the Kitchen too. What you have mentioned is false.

[MumLiya: No, I am right. I have mentioned that CCTV is not remotely available to parents unlike many other schools. It's viewable only at head's desk. Which is true. So, your website is actually misleading, if you really want to make an improvement, you may! I was under the impression that you give remote access to parents, after reading your website. Because many schools provide that... if you want I would give you a list. ]

Lastly while thanking you for the time you spent on the feedback I also would like you to go through all the rubbish that you have jotted down and see if you can improve yourself and be a better mother and better employee too.

[ MumLiya: I should not have said this but I have to-  I am nothing more than shocked to read these lines. Do you still call my personal opinions are rubbish with my explanations given above. Also, how could you judge that I am a bad mother? This is very offensive and insulting.  You have not even talked to me or seen me, then how did you come to such a conclusion? Who is a good mother? A mother with no concern for the future of her child? A mother who doesn't voice her opinion? A mother who just sits and listens everything what you say without response? If so, well I am more than happy that I am a bad mother... 

And how do you know I am a bad employee? How can you make a judgement on my career graph? - So pitiful to see such a disgusting prejudice from a respected school management. 

Being judgmental is not something a school management or teachers should ever do, I believe. Kids learn a lot from you than us, sometimes. No parent would want their child to be judgmental and now I am 100% sure that you won't be able to give that basic lesson to a child. 

I would really appreciate your tips on "how to be a good mother and employee."]

 Could you also place this reply on your blog? I do not think so. One with personal conviction would have probably done that.

[MumLiya: I did it. I don't know what made you think the reverse. I don't count it's nothing more than the prejudice you have already built about me just because someone has dared to speak out in public. According to me, because if I have a right to speak out you have the right to reply my queries. I am responsible to take that into public where I did make 'allegations' about you. I do respect your right to say. Hence, here is the post as it's, along with my comments. I will attach the screen grabs of your mail because I do not want you to later come and say this this was something fabricated by me.]


Lt Col ( Retd )Rajasekhar Reddy BE


1) I do understand that you are much experienced than me in all sense, as I do respect it wholeheartedly. However, please respect that as a parent I have the right to express my opinion and have my own personal views. I would recommend you to compare the softness and harshness of words I used in my blog post and in your reply. Did I ever did a personal insulting and tarnishing in my earlier post, while you did that to me many times and throughout your replies? 

I feel so pity for the kind of language you have used and the justification you tried to make by pinpointing me as a person. I have seen politicians bringing up personal allegations when they fail to convince an answer. But it was purely new to me that even a school does so. 

2) I do know to respond to all the allegations you have made towards me as an individual, and all comments about my poor concern for my child. However, I do not want this blog to be a personal war field, nor do I think that it was the purpose of my post. Be professional!

3) I believe that there could happen human mistakes, but there is something called apologizing for human mistakes. That makes the difference. I no way wanted to bring Mrs G's name here and do a personal attack. You made me do so, if at all I said anything above. I did consider her as a human being and I would have respected if you had at least apologized for the unpleasant experience I had there. 

Thank You for letting me know that whatever I have learned from the approach of the school management was 100% right. 

Good luck! 

Original Mail in PDF format here.
My blog post about my bad experience is available here.

UPDATED : 22 Nov 2012: The follow up response I received from KinderKare management for my above response. Now, I totally respect that it is something professional... I have removed his personal no. from this email in order to maintain the confidentiality. 

Dear Mother of Liya,

Thanks for the response. lot of water has flown and probably some not required from both the sides. We have our own reasons to substantiate our views which always may not be true.But let me share with you the following.

Every employee, rather every humanbeing is a package of good, bad ugly.There is always an ideal way of doing a thing but it is rarely possible to have all ideal qualities in a person. and the same goes to Mrs G.lets leave it here.

I do not belive in a FRONTAGE./ FRONT DESK concept at all. The whole facility is a front desk with its advantages and disadvantages. I am OK with this. I feel we deliver much more than we promise. we carry out sincere medical examination on all our staff( non teaching) periodically. We claim that our Kitchen which serves over 200 children is better that of maost of our house hold kitchens which serve for 3-4-5 people. etc etc this would go on and on. The management may be stupid in some ways but that is Ok.

let me also share the most diffrentiating factor other than the refund policy. We are accountable and feel so,. The dealing with the parents revieving and handimg over etc is done by the teachers and not aayas. The last person to leave always and every time is the managemnt, Mrs Radhika.We belive in- DO YOUR JOB WELL AND THE REST WOULD FOLLOW. policy.

By the way we have a FAMILY DAY CELEBRATION  on 01 Dec'12 which is a big entertainment day for us. Please visit KINDERKARE along with Liya and your husband if possible.

Still keen on KINDERKARE you may call me on 9*********7.

I do not want to take your time more. Just felt like expressing. 

Thanks and regards

Rajasekhar Reddy


  1. I am totally shocked by this letter the school sent! This lady should not be running the school - she does not understand how to interact with parents obviously! If this letter was sent to a parent in the UK there would be uproar and proper investigation into her. I hope she reads these replies and looks at her self to know that it is she who is totally in the wrong here to send that kind of reply! I am so glad you didn't send your child there!

    1. This mail is not sent by a lady...and I don't believe that a lady, if has gone through motherhood, will ever write like this. The painful part for me was that this is sent by an ex from Indian military...who was holding a respected position. I just couldn't believe that these words are from someone who served my country for a long period (and of course much more than I ever could do)..

  2. Wow that was unbelievably rude! I'm sorry that they judged you like that and treated you so badly!

  3. This is amazing and horrible! They had no right to act so unprofessionally. Wow.

  4. I am so scared after reading this review that i don't want to send my toddler to a play school anymore. He is better off doing nothing at home than being with people who are so arrogant and egoistic

  5. We have a corporate tie-up with the same daycare and was planning to enrol my kids there.After reading the post, I now think otherwise.

  6. I feel the school management is keen on having a good school rather than luring parents with sweet words. Though I think Lt Col Reddy could have been bit polite. ex-faujis are like that..i have heard. Difficult for them to adjust to civil life.they are always commanding..their job makes them that way..I have heard good reviews of Kindercare from all my friends in DLF who send their children there,


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