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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Homeschooling Adventures : We're there!!

Now that Liya's school encourages parents to reinforce the learning at home, we are finally thinking to plan some learning activities at home. She has a lot of time after 1.00 noon, and wouldn't it be a good idea to plan it creatively? Parallel homeschooling has been in my wish-list since long. Finally, we're actually doing some planned homeschooling, yay!!

This school, like most of them, picks a theme for two weeks and learning (absolutely no teaching and no textbooks) happens around it. They recommend parent to contribute by helping kids identify and understand the 'theme' from home, vicinity and surroundings. The school has many different activities planned across the theme and those would help identify the real learning path and need of every child.

Considering that I may not be able to stick to schedules, we will update our homeschooling adventures as in when time permits, but not less than one post in a week. In Sha Allah (If God Wills)

For week 19th Nov 2012 to 02nd Dec 2012, we are following same theme as her school- FABRIC! We have many activities planned at home, for maximum an hour a day. Let's see how it turns out!!

We're all excited, to learn about FABRICs

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