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Monday, November 19, 2012

...and Liya goes to Nursery!

On 14th Nov, Liya started her official pre-schooling! Yay, Liya goes to nursery. I still can not believe how fast time flies by... my tiny bug has grown into a little woman!!!

In her school uniform
After a lot of searches, researches, analysis, thinking and rethinking, we have finally decided upon Globe Toter, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Liya absolutely loved the school. On her first day, she was all excited to go to new school. On the way she threw up and lost her mood. So, she cried when J left for office. Even so, according to her teacher, she did a great job. Her teacher certified her "Brave Girl"!!!!  Thank God!

The school's learning methodology, infrastructure etc are much similar to edukids, the school she was going in Buffalo. She learned her friends', teacher's and Deedi's (Aya) names on the first day. She took part in Children's day celebration (14th Nov is children's day in India) and games.

On the second day, her teacher said she has completely settled with the school and kids. They were very surprised to see her getting settled so quickly. (In the older daycare she was not settled even after 1.5 months) They were expecting at least a week. Truly, my little girl is a brave girl!!! In her own word "strong and bold girl".

Well Done, little Liya!! You made us proud!! 

Who wouldn't love getting a 'BRAVO' certificate on the first day at school? 

All set for a wonderful first day!

Goodbye to daycares

Her nursery starts at 9.00 am and till 12.00 noon - just three hours a day. We've decided to stop her daycare, as of now, since they don't make sense anymore. Most of the daycares have nap time from 12.30 -3.30 then some story time, rhyming etc. not a very planned activity schedule. I don't think it makes any sense to send her to sleep in the school, after three hours of fully engaged, activity driven pre schooling. All the things they do there, she can do at home also. Moreover, I have decided to work from home and Liya never troubles me when I am at work...Also, I will be able to plan some activities for her at home. So, yay! No more daycares for little Liya.. 


  1. Yey! Liya.. Good for you..

    And happy mommy too.. finally you found your preschool!

    All the best.

  2. Well done little Liya, you are indeed brave!!!
    We also have a daycare going two year old,Little Rishaan!!!
    Now that you've mentioned, we are also having second thoughts about his daycare!!!

  3. She is such a beautiful little girl! So brave =) And, yay! No more daycare!

  4. Masha'Allah, so cute. It sounds like she will have fun in school and homeschooling. Love to hear how the fabrics turn out.


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