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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 10

Day 61: In laws left for Kerala. At the railway station to see them off. 

Day 62: Evenings are no more windy. We are back to old routine - at play area - an hour - everyday. 

Day 63: Mustard seeds from our balcony pots. We did not plant the seeds and I did not see any point in that either. However, this come as a surprise bonus along with the mud in the curry leaf plant pot. 

Day 64: Super sunny - Corridor at 11 in the morning 

Day 65: Liya made these kites without assistance. 

Day 66: Dad and girl busy with new set of puzzles. 

Day 67: We went to art exhibition and book fair at Liya's schools today. It was nice watching all the art work done by little ones through the academic year.

* Pictures will be up soon, IA *

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  1. I love the look of that climbing frame, really original.

  2. Love the idea of holding an art exhibition at school. Enjoy the sunshine :)

    1. Of course that was a well thought out idea...

      We're enjoying sunshine. I hope you'll get to enjoy some soon, with the arrival of spring!

  3. I love the reflection on the leaves - and the sunshine!

  4. That is a funky climbing frame! It looks fab! I love the corridor picture with the sun shining through the windows :-)

  5. Love that climbing frame! And, I loved your post on the Art Exhibition x


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