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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating International Women's Day...

Yesterday, Liya came back from school saying "Momma, we celebrated women's day. You know all girls are women." lol!

At home we did some crafts based on women's day.

The idea was to help her understand what every woman is. I helped her find few adjectives and rest was her job. These are her picks... 
A Helper
Good Friend
*I thought my girl is going to be a feminist, then came the next, which made me laugh till my tommy hurts...*

A good Cook

We made a women's day thumb print card....

Today, we are going to learn about some wonderful women from World and Islamic History, In Sha Allah!

Women's Day wishes to all wonderful women out there...
A big salute to every woman who is fighting different causes - poverty, existence, freedom, rights, identity, chronic diseases etc.

Updated:  Adding the gift little girl made for Mamma *without any assistance*.


  1. You've got plenty of good ideas Nishana. I love the flowers you did together with Liya.
    Happy day to you!
    May we keep all women of the world in our prayers. We all need each other to build a strong world, based on values we cherish.
    Love from France. xx

  2. Women in the world are in my prayers... :)

    Sending love from India to both of you!

  3. The flower idea is lovely, and it's sweet that she thinks all women are good cooks really :D

    1. I often find it in the reverse, why is she counting women only as cooks..lol! Love your perspective!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Aww so lovely! loving her comments too, just so cute, but the artwork is amazing! Thanks so much for linking with #creativechallenge xx

    1. Thank you Caroline. As always, I enjoy linking up there.. :) xx

  5. These are brilliant, what a lovely idea to use the petals for descriptive words. #CreativeChallenge

  6. Beautiful artworks and lovely sentiments! Raising a strong, bold little woman there! X #CreativeChallenge

    1. Thanks You Samantha. I hope she will grow into one of the kind. :) Love your family pic.

  7. Such an nice project at home to give respect to the women of the world. #minicreations

    1. Glad that you liked it, Merlinda. The world is losing its respect to woman and I think it's high time to bring the values back. :)

  8. A really fantastic post. I love the words that Liya chose #minicreations

  9. Grace says - Awesome job Princess Liya - you've summed up us girls so well. Nice one xx
    Lucas says - you forgot the one about girl smelling......... he he
    The Mother say - Lucas!!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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