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Friday, March 7, 2014

Drawings this Week!

We are building a snow man.... (*It's nearly 1.5 years since we left US though*)
A bug and an air balloon
A wheel...

Garden and butterflies she drew to send with grandparents to her cousin.
After finishing she did not want to send and kept it with herself. :)
"Catch the bus" drawing


A penguin carrying a can of water...

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  1. Your need a portfolio for her beautiful work.

    1. True Salma... So, I keep most of the hard copies along with her school projects folder. I wish I could start a portfolio blog.. but I am already struggling to keep this blog up and I am sure having one more makes it too tough to handle. Hence, trying to get al her drawings here only... Something is better than nothing! :)

  2. How nice! There'll always be a good occasion to go through them again...

  3. Loved spongebob :) nice work liya..

  4. Lucas says - awesome drawing especially the Penguin.
    Grace says - a HUGE talent here - great to see you join the GL Gang

    Thanks for lonking to #minicreations


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