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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tales from KG2 - 1

Day 2 of KG2: 

Mum had sent her activity books and worksheets with the aya in the school bus and instructed to handover the same to L's class teacher as the books are meant to maintain in the school only. L lost track of things thereon. In the evening she got back home and mum inquired if the books have landed in the place. 
Reply came in no time "mum, I carried it from the bus and you know I don't know what happened thereafter, it hasn't reached my teacher. I am sure it has fallen down since it was heavy.

Mum was shocked to hear that she carried whole lot of books all the way to classroom, unlike instructed. Wait, mum knows her daughter well, she is very good in making stories, not just around story time, but anytime she foresees a scope. 

Mum emailed to the student coordinator and requested an investigation on the same. Both the student and preschool coordinators reverted in couple of hours saying the books have safely reached the teacher and was carried by the security guard. 

Day 8 of KG2:

The girl came home upset, unlike usual. She demanded never to send to school again. Mum is surprised and girl revealed that her coloring and crafting book is missing in the school. Mum is confused now. Girl added, "Do you know mum, everyone does coloring and just sit back and watch because my book is missing." Girl is about to burst out. 

Mum is in total dismay, school dairy is still due and class teacher number has not been shared yet. Mum was contemplating why teacher did not flag it to mum, even after she already raised a concern. Mum rigs to the school admin, takes preschool coordinator's number, calls up the same night to learn that all books are in place and a girl in the class has brought a drawing book from home which is not suppose to be there. That made an "art-obsessed" girl to make up story so that I will buy one for her!!!

They have already sent that extra book back. Ms. G was laughing and assured that in any such circumstances the class teacher would ring up parents, immediately.

I am sure the school has already started counting me as one of those morbid mums. However, if we tend to ignore all of such, I am worried that we might miss out on actual problems, if they occur at all. So, I think the story will continue until someday she picks up how to present things honestly, not always from own imagination.

Both J and I do not consider this as a habit of lying, because she has never been exposed to something called lie. We keep every single of our promise to her, never say any lie and she doesn't get to involve with people from whom she could have acquired the “skill”. 

Rather, I found all these are coming as a part of her imagination. She can make up stories any which way she wants and always has quick answers to any question (as much she asks question). She often pulls out newspaper, our books etc. peaks into the pages and just make stories up. The good part is that her stories always make sense to the listener and are very logical.

Do you see a potential novelist growing inside our household? ;)


  1. Wow, your daughter does have a wonderful imagination!

  2. lol sounds like you are right and you have a writer on your hands. My daughter used to be just the same

  3. Sounds like she has a wonderful imagination that will take her far in life

  4. A great storyteller already =) #magicmoments

  5. LOL!! You should be very alert now. I am a new reader and like your blog very much. I sent you a query about GT school, Hyderabad. Could you please review Bangalore schools also, it would be really helpful for many.

  6. What? Liya a story-teller:)
    She is something else, lol.


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