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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Project 365: Week 24

Day 159: L loves fish. She eats double when there is fish.. :) 
Day 160: A random pose for photo.. 
Day 161: Yet another drawing from L

Day 162: Another (rather the real) face of my country. I was waiting for L's school bus to turn up and here is kids of around 5-10 age making their living out of thrown-away things on the road. This made me really sad. Everyone has the right of education in this country, yet why not making sure that it reaches to everyone?

Day 163: Dancing on the road - time pass - as the school bus turned up very late. 
Day 164: She has something brought from school for Pappa's day.
Day 165: At L's school for the very first PTM (parents-teachers meeting)

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