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Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Things

Hope you all had a great eid. Ours was not bad. We celebrated with our extended family back in Kerala. Visited great granny, some relatives, sicks, went to eidgah and met friends over there.... Had yummy biriyani cooked by MIL and ada payasam! Loads of sweets and fun too. Unfortunately, the same night we had to head back to Bangalore.. Liya's school and J's office to blame on!

Visiting people, new outfit, cousins, food, mehandi, craft and much more!
10 silly things happened in less than 24 hours (on eid day)!

  1. A broken down car 
  2. Hiring an auto midway to catch the train
  3. Heavy and unexpected traffic
  4. Late arrival at the station due to 1 and 3
  5. Of course, a missed train
  6. Unexpectedly, got tickets for a semi sleeper bus in the front row (Alhamdulillah)
  7. Overnight journey with L for the first time on a non-volvo bus (wasn't that bad, Alhamdulillah)
  8. Two luggage bags got drenched with the dirty water in the bus storage 
  9. Spoiled school dairy due to 8
  10. A dead internet connection and a closed down ISP center when mom had to send out an important file. 


  1. Sounds like your Eid was pretty eventful!! Love the henna mashAllah and the outfits!

    1. Thanks Fozia! Hope you had a great eid too. :)

  2. the mehndi looks great. looks like you had a brilliant Eid!

    1. Thank you.. Yes we had nice time. Hop you too. xx


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