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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Are our kids safe inside schools?

No, not anymore. For past few days, what you see below is the talk of the town.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Vibgyor High is one of very popular schools in Bangalore, with a hefty fee structure and this incident happened in their Marathahalli center. My ex-colleague Archie's post about real experience from this school had made us stay away from them forever. However, this incident is quiet shocking to me as a parent.

Now, this can happen to anyone, and anywhere. When we moved to Bangalore 10 months ago and admitted Liya to a nearby preschool, there we witnessed a strange thing which I have not seen in any other preschools. A man was appointed to receive children in the morning. That too in  a daycare cum preschool where they provide round the clock service with kids coming in early in the morning. I had seen parents dropping children in his hands, sometimes he carrying after-school children from the gate till the center. This was something we did not want and we raised the concern to the center head. So, they made sure that a class teacher would always come over to the reception and pick Liya.

Now, in this incident, the child has revealed that the gym instructor and security guard of the school have molested her with the help of aya and teachers. No, you can't even trust teachers and ayas now onwards (I am not generalizing it)!!

News from the Hindu 

This has shaken the city, parents and schools have woken up! It's very dreadful to realize that our children are not safe anywhere- not even inside the walls of own-house, neither school!

There is another incident reported around the same week in the city, where a 7 year old was kidnapped and later killed by own uncle and aunt. There is a clear security violation from the school authority as they released the child to an unauthorized pickup person without even verifying the details with the child's sister who is a teacher in the same school. Somehow, this incident did not get much public attention or did not result in much outrage. Read the news here

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