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Monday, July 14, 2014

Project 365: Week 28

Day 187: Attending an iftar party. Waiting for adhaan although she is not fasting.. :)
Day 188: Sweet corn cutlets from today's menu
Day 189: Ice tea prepared for iftar (breaking of fast)

Day 190: Rainy day... On the way to catch school bus in the morning
Day 191: Baked spring rolls from iftar menu
Day 192: Pakodas from iftar menu

Day 193: Eid shopping for dad!


  1. It looks like days are quite long for miss Liya too. So she is already back to school...When are holiday starting in your side of the World?
    Have a blessed day dear. xx

    1. Hi Marie.. It's been long! Here in India acad year from June to March... Summer vacation is for two months- April and May! Length of day won't vary much in India with seasons. If differs by an hour or so from winter to summer. Take care Marie.. xxx

  2. Love catching up...and seeing Liya. How have you been?
    Did I say Happy Ramadan???


  3. Awww so cute of her to wait for the azaan before she ate! MashAllah!


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