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Monday, July 7, 2014

Project 365: Week 27

Day 180: Ramadan fasting day 1: Meat cutlets from iftar (breaking of fast) menu
Day 181: Liya's Ramadan project- a charity box. We are going to collect coins everyday through Ramadan and contribute to some cause, In Sha Allah!
Day 182: Custard fruit salad from iftart menu
Day 183: Irachi Pathirni or Stuffed meat bread from iftar menu

Day 184: Dal fry from dinner menu
Day 185: Veg Samoosa from iftar menu
Day 186: Chocolate cupcakes - We were invited for iftar party at a friend's place. This is what we baked and took along! 


  1. Did you bake all these things? It looks delicious.
    Hope Ramadan is going well Nishana. Have a lovely day!

    1. Oh yes.. Some of them are deep fried though.. ;)

      Ramadan is going well Marie. You too have a lovely day!

  2. I am loving the ramadan charity idea! I should have done that with my eldest!

  3. So much delicious food, yum! :D


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