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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book of the week ~ One Rainy Day

Today, we are going to share with you the happenings in 'One rainy day'. Well, you must be having a lot of things popping up in your mind when you hear RAIN. Liya, being a little girl didn't know much 'about' rain except that she always enjoyed it as pattering of water (vella vella in her language) everywhere.

Mommy's thoughts on the book? The book from Tammi Salzano- I love this book as much as Liya does. The color scheme is something which caught my attention from the store- very bright colors and beautiful sketches, no unnecessary things around to make the sketch feel all messed up- only the objects (which are talking about) in the story are shown but in a beautiful and enchanting way. I bet your kids will love looking at the orange, pink, yellow, blue bright color patterns across the book. Moreover, it is a 'padded' board book, so well suiting if your toddler is a 'messing&tearing' artist.

What is the book all about? The little duck loves the rain and she is going out in a rainy day and exploring world outside. She had to carry an umbrella, she was wearing boots, on her way she met frogs, played in the puddles, saw worms and bugs, curiously watched a mud pie. She also saw white paper boats and few flowers. Once she got back to home, her Momma duck wiped her with a towel.

The story not only talks about the 'icons' of rainy day but also teaching colors through each of them- like an orange umbrella, green frog, yellow flowers etc. Hmm, but what's the rainy day surprise for duck...? Any idea, well it is a RAINBOW.

So duck loves the rain...
and Liya loves reading it... ;)

Liya's take: She reads this book every day at least 5 times since when we bought it (nearly 2 months ago).  She 'fills in the blanks' - as I read 'Duck loves the...' she would fill up 'reen' (rain) and 'one rainy day..' she would fill 'mees' (means).

She knows everything related with rain, by now. But when I say red.. she fills up balloon instead of boots. That's coming from her old book 'Goodnight moon', from where she first learned about red balloon. That's so sweet. It is wonderful and amusing to watch kids' learning styles, memory usage, association etc, closely. No doubt that they will gift a smile on your face.

Mommy's Confessions? Growing up in a village, I never had to 'learn' about specialties of rain from a book. We played in the rain, got drenched, we explored, learned, had fun, blew paper boats... got back home and lured our shouting parents (of course for getting drench) with a pleasant smile ...! Of course, years have flown by and things have changed. Only thing I dread about rain is the diseases  spreading along with it and hence I never sent Liya 'into' rain to explore it. May be as she grows little more older, I may dare to send her into rain and let her play in the puddles. (insha Allah)

Resources: One Rainy Day (Padded Board Books) (Amazon) | You Tube Preview

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