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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning Lingo :: English Alphabets

Getting Liya to begin with English wasn’t that hard, mainly because that’s the language she hears most. Especially, she has bunches of friends, who speak English and Hindi at playground. Mingling with multilingual friends and playing with them actually help kids to pick up new languages easily. Liya comes home every evening with at least one or two new English words, all those she learns during the 'sandbox' bash time.

The interesting part is that, you do not need to teach them the context because they actually experience and absorb it from the ‘right’ context from the ‘right’ people. For example, she learned to say Thank You and Sorry from her friends only. She knows the ‘right’ instance to use ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’ without we both ever teaching or showing her. She learned it her own. So, if you want to get your kids learning * I mean absorbing*, the BEST way is getting them multilingual friends and encouraging them *speak* it during their play time.

Last week, we saw the video which helps Liya to get hang of Arabic alphabets. This week, I am gonna share with you the video which HELPED Liya learn English Alphabets. I am sure you must have seen this video already. But let me share it again, because my munchkin loves it so much that she can now ‘sing’ alphabets from A-Z within few seconds.. * I mean really faster than you would ever expect from a 21 months old *.

What's cute about this video- the nice tune and impressive singing. Very cute and simple visualization, with kids blowing balloons is a well throughout idea . As you know, little bugs love balloons and rhymes. So they would love this beautiful alphabet song, as well. Needless to say, it has a cute ending which makes the video more appealing.

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  1. cute new follow from hop come check me out http://melblackwell.blogspot.com/

  2. Cute video. Yes children do learn or absorb via exposure to other children. Check out Starfalls. There is a free version which my kids used. It's great for early learners.


  3. I have always been amazed at how children pick up language. All three of my children had language delays, yet they always picked up the right context to use the words they got without me teaching them that. I love videos to help children learn. But, I agree with you, sandbox learning, especially with a diverse variety of children can speed up everything. Plus, they are so darn cute to watch!!! Thanks for a great post!

  4. That's great that she's picking up a few languages! I just won a Spanish DVD called Whistlefritz. My boy's LOVE it!

    I agree with you about it being great to learn different languages when they are young.

    My only not so great thought is that I have a neighbor that has a son my son's age. Age 3. They just found out he's Autistic. He's cared for by his grandma that only speaks Spanish. Kids that have Autisim have such a hard time talking and developing speech. I'm just hoping he does ok. They also don't have him around other kids. My kids could totally play with him, but they are hardly home. When they are, they are not outside. I think he'd really benefit playing with other kids. It's just been on my mind, even though it's not my kid.

    I'm following you from ViceBoks.

  5. I am guilty of NEVER sharing English with Rainbow, but the girls do and everyone else does.

    Multilingualism can be a bit tricky because everyone has an opinion about what you are doing being either right, wrong, or great.

    Liya will only benefit from learning languages.

  6. It is always a great thing to know more than 1 language. And that is great to teach it in early life. Found you blog hopping. Hope you stop by and follow back

  7. The LeapFrog videos were fantastic for teaching our younger girls the sounds the letters make. I couldn't believe how they loved sitting through them.

  8. @ Melissa (Minnesota Momma)- Glad that you stopped by and followed. Welcome to our blog. We hope to see you around quite often. Thank You!

    @Lisa- Thank you for suggesting Starfalls. I 'll check it out shortly.

    @Kathy - Children's learning is always a wonder, I believe. So happy to see you often.

  9. @ Alissa- yes I agree with you. It is true that kids with autism need special care, but that doesn't mean that we've to keep them locked away from other kids. As they get exposed to kids of their age, they would starting coming out of autism state. Feeling so sad of the boy. I appreciate your concern for your neighbor's kid and trying to get your children play with him. That's such a lovely thought. Kudos to you!

  10. @ Salma,

    I know you are exposed to many languages and for rainbow he has two big sisters to taking him along in the journey. So nothing to worry about it! Big sisters are always a blessing for little ones. :)

    And you are right, everyone had their own opinions, but I am sure every mom knows the best for her children..

    @ Kathleen - Welcome to our blog. Hope to see you very often. Thank You so much for the follow.

    @ Lisa - Right! Welcome and Thank you! Will visit you shortly.

    @ Sonja - My lil girl loves leapfrog laptop and the songs I loaded over there. I will check out the videos as well. Thank You for the info.

  11. My son was in a bilingual home daycare when he was small, and I was always amazed by how much Spanish he would pick up. They really are little sponges :-)

  12. While my child is learning only one language, it's still amazing how quickly they pick it up AND how they learn when to appropriately use words and phrases. Our son is now branching out and experimenting with words and phrases he has heard us say rather than simply repeated those phrases in the right context. It is wonderful to watch little ones progress linguistically. Just think. We also learned language in this way. Their capacity for understanding is incredible!

  13. How wonderful that your daughter is learning two "first" languages! That will truly be such an advantage for her! Please keep speaking with her in your native language as much as possible. If her friends are English speakers, she should pick that up fine. (Peers really determine how we talk!) --Christine @ Why We Love Green, visiting from Voiceboks


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