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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Liya- the big sister

Liya has become a big (cousin) sister. My sister delivered a baby boy on last Friday (IST and Thursday EST). Alhamdulillah {Thank God}. Since then Liya has been waiting to see the baby (over video chat). I clicked this photo, when baby 'came' for video chat *on third day of his birth*.

Liya was so excited to see the baby. She also commented- "so sweet"! (Again she learned this from her friends). By the way, Liya is not the ONLY grand child in the family, anymore. That's okey, she has a cute, adorable young bro!


  1. Congrats Auntie! My sister and her family visited for the weekend. My youngest and her oldest, ages 6 and 4, are inseparable. I'm happy that Liya has a new best friend.

    The Substantive Mom

  2. Lisa - Thank You so much. I am glad that your kids loved being with their cousins. Such bonds provide loads of love and warmth to kids..:)


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