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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learning Lingo - Arabic

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We are born multilingual. We belong to India, which is the  motherland of linguistic and cultural diversity. Malayalam– our mother-tongue, English– a crucial language in our daily life. Hindi is another widely spoken language in India and vital when it comes to cities we live in. Arabic is an essential language in our life as we follow Islam. Our Salah and Duas (prayers) require good knowledge in Arabic, as well.

I am NOT forcing Liya on developing multilingual skills, but as she is 90% fluent in Malayalam, I am beginning to get her a 'hang' of other languages, which she would require in future *Insha Allah*. She has a good vocabulary in English, and lately started forming short sentences in English, as well. Hindi is the language she spoke for first time ever, as I was having a domestic helper (back in India) who spoke only Hindi.
Arabic is one of the pure foreign language for her, not being heard widely, except Holy Quran recitation. Therefore, we listen to YouTube videos, occasionally. Embedded below is one of her all time favorite Arabic song. She is listening to this song from her 2nd month of birth onwards. :)

What I like about this video?
* Alif baa thaa.. (Arabic alphabets) are sung in a cute and impressive way.
* Liya and I absolutely love the kids over there. They wiggle around in 'their-own' way, not in a preplanned or artificial manner. This 'natural blend' makes the video even appealing.

Even if, you are not multilingual/not interested in Arabic, I would recommand you to have a look at it and enjoy the charming performance by those cute munchkins.

Any MULTILINGUAL moms out there...? No matter which language you talk or train your kids, your inputs would be a great catalyst in our 'learning'. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Or would you love to guest post on this subject... We would honestly appreciate it. You can contact us here.


  1. I think there's such a future benefit to help your children learn multiple languages. If you have that chance and ability, embrace it! Especially when they can absorb so much at a younger age. Learning a second language as an adult is much harder.
    Cheers to your efforts!

  2. Rightly said! Language learning is always a hassle when those are being 'taught', while at 'toddler' age they are not 'learning' but absorbing it as a part of their routine..:)

    Thank You for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Much appreciated.

  3. Language is important for developing the brain as well. I have been lazy in teaching Arabic because hubby and his family speak it, BUT, I am beginning to realize it is my duty.

    KUDOS Nishana.

  4. Salam alaikum,
    Usually, I don't put Aisha infront of pc or tv. So she doesn't see any rhymes. I sing for her myself. When I saw your video, even though i have watched it before with mazin, i wanted to see it again. As soon as it started, Aisha who was slithering to the kitchen, changed direction and came shouting to me. She wanted to see it. with so much excitement, i couldn't resist showing her the video. we both watched it.;)

  5. Salma,

    Glad to see you after a short break. Hope things are well with you.

    Right, languages learning is important 'stimuli' for brain development.


    Waalikkum salaam wr wb,

    I really appreciate that decision. Liya has never watched a TV in last 21 months..:)I was not showing her PC also..earlier I used to download the audio versions of Youtube videos and play at home. But as she passed 1 years, I started showing her some interactive learning stuffs and videos etc, but for a limited time period.

    http://www.listentoyoutube.com/ This site will help you download the audio part of youtube videos. This helped us a lot!

  6. I agree with Courtney, definitely encourage her absorption of many languages now. It is so hard to learn when you are older. I remember taking French and Spanish in high school - I struggled a lot. I think it's awesome that Liya is learning so many languages!!

  7. My kids both did french immersion all the way through grade and high school. Multiple languages are great. My son minored in french in university and now my daughter is thinking of minoring in linguistics. Go for it. You will never regret it. Kim

  8. Christina- Totally agree. Learning languages as a part of 'curriculum' in school was a nightmare, but we never had a tough time picking up our mother-tongue.. thank you for the support and putting down your thoughts..Honestly I value them!

    Kim- That's very interesting. Thank You for the support! I know you are an experienced multilingual mom, I really appreciate you have shared it with me..

  9. Nowadays English seems to take over the world. But we will always need people, who speak many languages. Make your kids learn more languages, because 2 foreign languages are not enough nowadays.
    Greg German


  10. I would love to be multi-lingual, but I find it very difficult to find time to learn right now. The only other language I've tried to learn was french when I was in high school. I love that your daughter is exposed to so many languages so young. I would like to teach my kids, but again it's a time thing and it would be "teaching". I think it's easier to learn when you can get totally absorbed into the process instead of "being taught". Make sense?

  11. I am part Greek and speak the language fluently - I attended elementary school in Greece. My husband does NOT speak the language, but I would love to be able to share the Greek language with my son. When I was living in Greece, I spoke English at home and Greek everywhere else, so it was easy to do both. This is more challenging. My son is almost 1 1/2, so he is just starting to speak more words; I try to say words in both languages. But sometimes I feel like it is so hard when he does not hear CONVERSATIONS in Greek. Also, he looks less Greek than I do, so I wonder about that as well. This is a very big deal to me and I think about it all of the time, so if you would like me to guest post I would love to!

    Stopping in from VB. You can visit me at http://www.babieswillgrow.com. following you!

  12. asalamalaikum, its nice to see a fellow muslim blogger! Saw you on blog hop, now following you on gfc and fb, Karima x www.karimascrafts.com


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