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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fiery Friday :: Naughty Liya in this week

*  'Car Driving dreams' continues. While we were driving down to Toronto, she cried pathetically, demanding to drive. :P
*  She bit on a bath soap and told me it doesn't taste good.
*  She got so many friends in park now, they play together in the sand, come home all dipped in mud and I will have to directly put her in tub. She has become much social and engaging with kids, yay!
*  When I picked up a T shirt and trouser for Liya, J just mentioned that the pair is not matching. After dressing up, Liya asked 'matching..eh..?'. Looks like she is beginning to learn the concept of 'matching pairs on a dressing table'.
* She always wants to do things alone, and the latest is she wants to bath herself, we end up fighting in the bath tub.
* She demands that I must cut her nails daily and I have to pretend as if I am cutting.
* She is 'tricky mistress'. She has a bundles of 'tricks and tactics' she takes out very often. For eg, when we talks to her grand parents and if she is 'busy' in her-own world, she doesn't say 'No, I don't wanna talk' but she says any of the following-
  •   Ummamma (that's how she calls her granny) thetty (is not talking to her).
  •   Cut aayi (call has been disconnected)
  •   Ummamma ungi (Granny is sleeping) 
* The other day she wanted to connect her toy laptop to power (same as mamma does). She wired a connection between its USB cable and my laptop and wanted to 'work'. But the toy laptop is designed in such a way that 'if it's USB port is occupied, it just doesn't work at all'. I had a bad time teaching her 'technology defects' but everything fell on deaf ears. :(



  1. She is becoming quite a little stinker!! I love this age. Cherish every one of these moments because they pass by too quickly!


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    ♥ xoxo

  2. Oh, so cute!

    Stumbled upon your lovely blog and following it. You may also visit Olah Momma!, or add your website and deals (coupons/giveaways),  and meet more moms at Momma's Lounge.

  3. Liya Liya Liya, you need to give Mommy a break! Our girls need to hang out.

  4. Thank You mommies for dropping by and leaving your comments. Really appreciated!

  5. Wow! I sure wish my little guy insisted that I cut his nails everyday! I have to fight him tooth and nail to get them cut! You little girl is adorable!


  6. The moments of insisting on independence may drive you a bit crazy, but they're absolutely precious! Sounds like Liya takes after her momma:-)

    RJ, the Hope Coach

  7. Mashallah, she looks so cute and adorable, give my love to her.
    Thanks dear.
    Bushra Syed

  8. Hey Nishana can you please teach how to make a grab my button for the blog. I can't get it.
    I will really appreciate that. you can send me email on VB or my

  9. five foot mamma- Ha ha! I love your son...kids get some or other trouble for moms in various ways... but they are darn cute...:) Thank You so much!

    RJ- Very true, that independence is actually required in a 'some' level for their development as well. Will definitely an added benefit in future- IA..:)

    Bushra - Thank You so much. You made me smile.

    Btw, I have mailed you *an essay* on 'how to create grab my button'. Please let me know if you come across any trouble.. It's my pleasure to help you..:)

  10. So cute! And it's only just beginning. Love the soap comment.


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