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Monday, August 15, 2011

♫ 22 months ♫

 Alhamdulillah *Thank God*, my little love has come a long way, from the sleeping pill of first day to all spark and spunk little explorer of 22 months old *1 year 10 months and 4 days, precisely*. Isn't that a moment of pride as a mom and a reminder to be grateful to Almighty? In another 2 months she will turn 2 years, Insha Allah!
What's she up to these days?

Walking: She doesn't walk these days..!! eehhh...? Don't get confused, she only jumps and somersaults! She moves around with a two footed jump, her feet hardly touch the ground...lol! 
We stay on the second floor, and at any moment, I anticipate our neighbor (staying in the first floor) swifting over to 2nd floor, with furious eyes and a grumble that he just can't live out there. *Wooden flooring has its own disadvantages, especially when kids are around.*

At times, she insists me/J to jump along with her. Hmmm, parenting is indeed a tougher job. 
Friends: She is making more and more friends everyday, not that unsocial girl anymore. Continues her love with sandbox and every evening ends up with her whining and screaming as I take her back home from park. Interesting thing is that she knows the name of each kid coming to the park, she utters each one's name as they enter park and run behind them. So, she is a cuddly pet in the sandbox.. :)

Cooking: She does a lot of COOKING these days. She gets ingredients from refrigerator or containers where I keep everything safe *not safe anymore*. She mixes up a lot of them with water and feeds her toys.  House is getting more and more messy day by day.

Bath-time: Loves playing in water and of late she learned to get into the bathtub all by herself. Tougher days are ahead, I know.
I have started adding fresh turmeric (again) to her massaging oil. So far, no signs of allergies. Fingers crossed!

Reading/Learning: Reading loads and loads of stories everyday.  The funniest part is that she needs a book even in the toilet. She reads it aloud while she poops..;)

Visiting library once in every two weeks, bringing a lot of books back home and spending quality time with books right there in library, as well. By now, she has by-hearted almost all the rhymes she usually hear.

Talking/Multilingualism: She can clearly differentiates between Malayalam and English. Speaks English with her friends. Learning more and more everyday from the playground. Not so fond of Arabic, but now that we go for Tharaweeh prayers at Masjid every night, she began to learn Arabic and 'Fatiha'- the first chapter of Quran, Masha Allah!
If she doesn't know the English word for a particular thing, do you know what she does...? She adds a S at the end of Malayalam word and use it in English sentence. I don't understand why she is adding S, but I believe kids are great spectators, hence there must be a hidden reason. Eg: Yesterday she was showing a water bottle and telling a kid --This is vella vellams - *This is water*. Funny...right?
Growing as a blabbermouth, whatever I/J talk, echos from her mouth at the very next moment. With a magpie wiggling around, my ears have forgotten what does REST mean! Not exaggerating, but true!

Nursing: I am planning to stop nursing as she turns two. As a first step, I am not nursing her very frequently. Moms-->  I am starting my journey against the storm through thorny ways- accomplishing it is gonna be challenging and demands strenuous efforts. I would really appreciate your advices  if you have successfully crossed this milepost.

Eating habits... Rarely she turns picky, a great foodie otherwise. Not yet started with outside food, but eats in bits and bytes as we go out for dining etc. 

Momma's days....? Clinginess, crankiness, fretful fussiness, untamable stubbornness, heights of attitude, untimely whimpers and whininess, temper tantrums... life is getting more and more adventurous, but I know it worth it!

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  1. she's such a cutie!!! my lil guy turned two in may...such a fun age!

    hello! stopping by from the Monday Alexa hop!
    have a great day!

  2. She is gorgeous..those eyes just speak to you...
    Stopping by and following you from Monday Monkeys blog hop..would love it if you decided to follow my blog.


  3. She has the most beautiful eyes! Gorgeous :0)

  4. That sounds great. Happy adventures!!!
    BTW, in the close-up photo of Liya, I think she looks a lot more like Jazeel.

  5. MashaAllah, she is growing fast and will be 2 years soon, inshaAllah.

    Liya, you love your big brown eyes. Don't forget to be nice to mommy ok?

  6. Susie - Yes, it's a fun age. Kids at this age are darn cute and madly mischievous too. I'm loving it!

    Minta - Thank you so much for the visit, follow and lovely comment. I'll swing back soon!

    Elisabeth - Thank You so much!

    Najee - Everyone says the same from day 1 of her birth. Looks like she no way resembles me except in crankiness. :)

    Salma, Yes, years are passing by! I just can't believe that she is gonna two!


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