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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book of the Week :: Dimity Duck

As I told earlier, we are sticking to a THEME and reading along with Rainbow. The theme for the week is FRIENDS, hence we chose Dimity Duck by Jane Yolen.

It is all about... a duck Dimity and a day in her life. There begins a day as
Dimity Duck Waddles,
she toddles out of bed...
Niddy-noddy goes her tail
and Quack...goes her head!
She gets out of her bed, finishes her routines and then.....???
Toddles off to Play,
She meets a SPECIAL friend
Who comes a-hopping down her way!
Her day is full of brushing feather, swimming deep in the pond to grab her favorite breakfast, and more importantly playing a lot of HIDE and SEEK with her special FRIEND -Frumity Frog! The lovely friends, paddles, splashes, wiggles, giggles, wriggles, bubbles, dawdles... and having so much for fun while playing their favorite hide and seek game.

Duck friend'ing' with frog.. sounds fun, isn't it? Both love playing in water, hiding beneath the leaves and enjoy their day until Dimity tires and goes her tail droop and the sun sinks down. How delightful!!!

Mommy thoughts... The author and illustrator have together created a delicious read for young readers. The cheerful friends with cute names, childlike curiosity and adorable whimsy, will soon become your child's favorite friends.
The book is amazingly rhythmic and jivey. Sing aloud for kids of any age and watch the amusement on their face.
It perfectly divides between routines and play time. Can be an inspirational one if your kid is 3 plus years.
Awesome images and well balanced use of white space make it more appealing for young readers.

We had a great time reading through the book. Liya was bursting into laugh whenever I sang it aloud.
Few clicks from our reading time.

Sleepy-sloppy goes her eyes...
and snore goes her head!
Good night, Liya. Shhhhh!
Read Rainbow's story here.

Chasing Rainbow


  1. Looks like my kind of reading material: not too many words and lots of pictures!

    I got here from Voicebox Members to remember. Became a follower.

  2. Hello - I'm your newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. Please follow me back and feel free to drop by anytime.



  3. Hi from the alexa hop! New follower here :) Great blog!

  4. Hey there Liya (salam alaikum), how lucky you are to read such a great book. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and by the way, WE loved your photos.


  5. Mom Fever, Tania, Jewel --> Welcome to our little world. Hope to see you around very often.

    Salam - Waalikkum salaam wr wb. Thank you so much for reading along. We are looking forward to more fun packed reading sessions along with Rainbow, IA.

  6. I really like the pictures in this book. Ducks are my favorite - I just love them =)


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