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Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Tour with PL] NYC Night Tour

How about that idea? A city tour under moonlight- that was included in our sightseeing package. Yes, 6.30 pm is not 'night' in New York, especially in June when sun sets by 9.30. It was an awesome trip, the sun was setting down in the horizon as we were crossing Hudson river. NYC sky in the twilight is truly mind-blowing. Sitting in an open bus under twilight, watching the sun slipping through the horizon is surreal.
Everyone was busy capturing the red horizon over Hudson river, with Brooklyn bridge in the background, the camera flashes did distract the beauty.

There was a big CROWD at Times Square.

We were sitting in the very first row, Liya enjoyed looking out through the front glass.

Wondering why did I click this photo...? Because....
Liya identified this as A,B,C,D...Isn't that a pride moment for a mom of 1.5 year old..?

NYC is very populous- don't you think so...?
The popular NASDAQ..!
What could she be dreaming...?


It's 8.26 but sun still shimmering on the horizon.

 twilit street....
 Empire State Building, Word Trade Center and a part of Brooklyn Bridge- in  a frame under twilight!
NY Skyline under the sinking sun!

 Empire State Building in Rainbow Colors
The busy street at night....
Liya enjoying french fries at McD
It was for the first time she was having it, and she felling in love with!
I'm loving it.. ;)


  1. Love NY. I was there last year. Looks like you had a great time!

    Here from the Alexa hop.

  2. A city tour through Liys's eyes. its Good.
    Short but interesting. And ofcourse the images also.

  3. How beautiful! Liya looks like she's taking everything in.

    I am a little jealous. I've never been to NYC but I want to go. :)

  4. Liya is so cute in these pictures! Especially the one where she's looking out the bus window!

  5. I have never been to NY but I know I would love it. All your photos are awesome. I can't imagine being in such a huge place.
    I was going to add you on GFC but I realized I'm already following your great site.

  6. I like the pictures a lot. I live in NYC and I constantly feel amazed at the wonderful sunsets. Glad you guys had a nice time!

  7. Thank You all for your wonderful comments. You made my day!

    Liz- Welcome to our little world. We hope you enjoy being here.

    Sarah, Terry- It's high time, pack your backpacks and get ready for the trip. Summer is gonna end soon... :)

  8. Awesome pictures! I am happy to become a Follower. I learnt about your Blog from the Weekend Blog Hop. Take care.
    Judy from Jamaica

  9. I love NYC. I used to live close to there and have many fond memories of walking its streets in all kinds of weather.

    Found you through the vB GFC hop

    Full Cart Full Wallet

  10. It's so cute that she loves McDonald's french fries =) They are just the best!! Beautiful pictures!


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