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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toddler Talk : Ohh tommy Ache

The other day, we were reading muffin man's story, just before our bed time. Liya suddenly craved for muffins and I promised "it's already close to bedtime, so I'll make it tomorrow Insha Allah".

Unfortunately, it somehow slipped from my mind and recalled it only when Liya reminded me, the next day night. I had to postpone. By the way, I have to admit that I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, especially when it comes to things which fail to inject passion.

The next day Liya had a very 'small' but smart conversation with me... This is how it went.

Liya : I have tommy ache....
Momma : Tommy ache....???? (Realizing that it's a pseudo ache to skip her meals).. Let's go to doctor uncle and get an injection...You'll be alright.

Liya: Hmmm...no need..!
Momma: Then how will go off?
Liya: It will go off if I eat muffin!!! (Subhana Allah- Glory be to Almighty)

Oh My God. That was her idea to remind me of the promise I made. What an 'innovative' trick... J and I laughed out!! Though, I haven't heard about muffins 'curing' tommy aches (rather than causing it, at times), we headed to nearby store, bought all ingredients and baked a simple vanilla muffin for her...


  1. What a clever little sneak! Although I've heard this trick before, mostly on TV: kid says "my tummy hurts and only will make it better." From what I remember, it works. I see it works in real life too. And I bet the making and eating of the muffins was a moment to cherish :)

  2. How cute and creative of her to fake a tummy ache to get muffins lol!!

  3. Good girl, she knows how to make her lazy mom cook muffins for her. Kids these days are very smart, isn't it? They know how to make our leisure time a big mess!!!


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