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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Updates - 27 Months

I am here to give you a quick review of last month. Days are passing by and honestly I began wishing if her 'toddler age' goes a little longer.. :P. Sadly, time and tide wait for none.

English Skills:

MashaAllah, she is mastering English much faster and can now talk as good as she speaks Malayalam. Over last month,
  •  She has learned to use a few CONJUNCTIONS in her sentences. She properly uses BUT and  AND in her sentences. 
  • The Use of  "I AM" in reply to questions involving 'YOU' and vice versa.
  • She knows the usage of - everything, everyone, all of you, everywhere, you guys, over there... (probably I use these words a lot in my conversations..)
  • She knows to use WHICH and WHAT in a sentence, correctly.
  • "Then", "When", "I had", "I would have"
  • Use of adjectives to describe herself ("This hush little baby", "Cute Liya") - in simple words- boasting..:P
  • Exclamations - That's wonderful, that's bad, Ooops, Oh My Goddd, Oh no..!
Yay! I am trying to make a snowman
Whims and whines:
These have been the breath of our little home. Little Liya began to complain about everything...
"Pappa, this girl (he he referring to Momma) is not letting me do this, that.."
"Why did you do like 'that' yesterday"
"Why didn't you buy it that day?"

She is taking 'stern' decisions and implementing it successfully.
She has a new wish "I want to go to daycare..... eeevery day??" This sentence echos from her mouth every then and now. Looks like she is very much tired of seeing me all the day.
Peanut Biriyani from Master Chef

Problems and Solutions:
She has become 'very good' in problem solving. She has solution for everything. If anything is missing at home, spoiled or misplaced... consult her, she will immediately give you solution "Let's go and buy from waamart (Walmart) or pricerite!!"
Every problem in the world is so silly, Momma's laptop isn't working, ohh.. why can you just drop into Walmart and buy a new one? Paint stains on the dress? Oh, no issues get a new one!
Life is so simple, if you know how to live it, huh?
Liya's modern art!

This is the most recent trait she has developed, especially comparing Momma with Ms J and A. In her words, Ms J is the most amazing person and ever reliable role model. For everything, she adds, Momma, but miss J does that why don't you?  Momma why don't sit like Ms J, dance like Ms J, walk like Ms J...(Honestly, I am kinda of annoyed..;))

Doubts... why, why and why?
Why does momma and pappa close door when they go to toilet, but Liya is not allowed alone?
Why does she remove pant before entering toilet, while others are not?
Why can't she accompany Pappa to office?
Why don't deers wear jacket?
Why can't she pluggin her toy laptop to power?
Why does snow melt?
Why does no one come online in Skype?
Why her toy puppy doesn't eat?
Why shouldn't she waste water, tissues?

She has never been destructive, but things have completely changed. She destroys everything after she loses interest in it. The most annoying part is that she tores books, which is something I personally hate. Books are knowledge, and in my opinion we should preserve (and share) knowledge and treat with 'respect'. Well, she's too small that I can't present my 'theories and philosophies' in front of her.. :)

By the way, looks like this is a habit she inherited from J. I had heard his childhood stories from my MIL 'J', and she used to buy at least 3-4 set of text books for J in the beginning of every academic year. Because he was so fond of tearing away the pages, which have already been 'learned'..:)

Liya, not only ruins toys, colors, books etc after use, but also consoles me "don't worry, we can buy new from Walmart"... as if Walmart gives everything for free!

According to Liya "this world is very discriminating." Because
  • Pappa is allowed to use scissor to crop his mustache while she is not allowed to crop her hair all by herself.
  • Momma is using 'real knife' to chop veggies, but she is not allowed to use knives in her  kitchen. She is just given a toy knife.

False 'Aches':
Like I mentioned in my previous post, she's developing 'pains' very often in different parts of her body, sometimes head ache, tommy ache, finger ache, hand ache (especially when is she eating so that she can't lift food), feet ache so that she is unable to walk so we must lift her, 'hair ache' so that she doesn't want to comb... People say kids learn from kids, but from my experience I learned that kids have a lot of things innate especially tricks and tips. No matter they are left alone, they have inbuilt capability to 'find out reasons." They are just awesome, MashaAllah!
Modern 'art' -2 mixer of water paint and finger paint

She is developing an 'eye' for photography. She arranges 'anything' she comes across, and instructs me 'how to take photos'. Especially to photograph her modern arts, her food etc. :)

She has become really bad in eating. Momma's timetables have become history. Nowadays she eats as per her timetables. Her current obsessions are Avocado Milkshake and Strawberry Smoothie.

That's all. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. As a writing major and grammar lover, I must say that I am very proud of Liya for what she is using correctly in her speech. I'm not sure on this, but it sounds above average for a 2 year old to have grasped these concepts. Way to go Liya!

    Thank you for the updates. I love hearing about how she's growing and changing. Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Thank you Sarah!

      She still have chaos with grammar. But yes, good in talking especially from a 2 year old's perspective.. :)

      Thank you again for being my regular reader.

  2. Great updates and glad to know Liya mastering English.. Cool..

    Someone is Special

    1. Sis, Welcome back to PL. Thank you for the words.

  3. I am still laughing....Go buy it at WalMart or Pricerite!! Bless her heart, she is becoming totally a little American girl where you can get anything at WalMart lol!

    They always say Terrible Twos - but I've always found ages 3 & 4 to be worse as far as destructive behavior, independence, false aches, etc. Hold on, it just gets more fun from here!!

    Kisses to Liya!

    1. A much experienced mom plus granny's words, I value them Christina. Thank you for visiting and leaving your thoughts.

      I am always amazed at the 'branding' Walmart has created. Even a little one perceives that 'anything which can be bought with money is available there'...Wonderful strategy..!

  4. I love and hate the 'why' stage to be honest it never stops! Karima

    1. Ha ha.. I understand it...It's tough to handle but very cute.

  5. Salam,
    It was very interesting to read through her daily activities. Love her a lot.

  6. Oh how busy little Princess Liya is. I am sure she is very kind to momma who takes care of her even when tired and frustrated:)
    I absolutely loved the update. She is such a little go-getter, mashaAllah.

    I hope you saved more for th bucket list updates????


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