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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday :: Little Traveler...

...killing time at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi on our way back to US after vacation.

She was badly waiting to get one for her...

She imitated exactly how other people were using the reclining seat...

She did ensure the 'safety and security' of chairs....

She scanned through the floor

That's how we spent almost 6 hours of transit duration there...!


  1. I'm always so amazed how well behaved she is during the long layovers. She's such a good girl! Love the picture of her reclining =)

  2. Awwwww..... adorable! woo woo woo!

  3. Wonderful memories! Little world traveler! I love the reclining pose too! Thank you for sharing. Cynthia, vB

  4. Isn't that so cute? she'll love those pics when she's older!


  5. Aw, how cute! But I'm amazed at how well she kept herself occupied for 6 hours! Kids are entertained by the simplest things, aren't they?

  6. 6 hours? That's amazing. My kids who are not toddlers can't sit still for 6 minutes. Yay Liya.

    I agree with mrsmom, these pics will be a great gift when she's older.

  7. I myself would get so bored when I ahve to wait for long hours in airport.MashALLAH Liya did it so well.Lol at how she occupies the whole space on the seat.It's MINE lol.

  8. She looks very happy with her cool yellow lounger!

  9. +1 She looks like she had tons of fun.

  10. I love these cute pics of your Liya and how calm and chilled out she is! A six hour layover would make me get a little stir-crazy I think! I do love how little ones find ways to fill time though! :)


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