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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Much to Do before Three :: April Updates

Welcome to another bucket list update with little Liya. April wasn't bad for us, Ma Sha Allah (As God has willed), we're gonna cross a few items from our To Do list. 
Ride a bicycle

and the video.... 

Bake a Fresh Pizza Together...

Count upto 25
We can now count until 25 (in English) without fail... Though we don't 'like' 9 and 10, at times..:)

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  1. Oh I'll take a slice of that PIZZA--She did a great job!!!

  2. Awesome! She is so precious. :) I love how you incorporated pictures and videos into this post... We really got to experience her learning to ride a bike with you!!

  3. Aw she looks so big on the bike! What a sweety!

  4. Take advantage of this time! It goes by so fast!

  5. Next thing you know...she'll be driving a car! Blessings

  6. How awesome! What a cool bike! I think I had a bike similar to that when I was Liya's age. I probably did seeing as how my favorite color has been pink since before I was born :)

    What a yummy-looking pizza. Did Liya enjoy it? Looks like she did :)

  7. Oh my gosh - she looks so cute on her bike!


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