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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book of The Week :: Is Camel a Mammal by Dr. Seuss

We have shared a good amount of toddler books here. Now that we are back nearly after a year, we will be specifically looking at preschooler's books. In Sha Allah (if god wills)!

Before we move on to the book of the week, let me tell you, we have been reading a lot over past year, as well. L is growing into a book addict day by day and so ours is still a No TV home. Book are brilliantly replacing TV at our home. We are piling up our little library with various books. L's topics of interest, likes, dislikes about books etc are very evident now. Any suggestion on good preschooler's books will be highly appreciated.

Liya has always been a Dr. Seuss fan. Hence, we picked a Dr. Seuss book as the first one to share here on our return to old routine.  We are gonna scribble our experience with Is Camel a Mammal?

Why This Book?

As a preschooler, she is more leaned towards anything which make her think and question. She loves books which give more information along with the pleasure of reading. Mammal was a word which she was hearing somewhat first time, I would say. She knew about various distinguishing things about animals and out of which the words "herbivorous and carnivorous" she learnt recently from the school had caught her keen attention. So, I thought introducing mammals and non-mammals and letting her think on the wonders around the animal world is indeed worth a try.

L's love?

I wouldn't say this is a perfect fit for a preschooler, but if you have a child who is eager to learn new things and you love to open up the world of wonders and imaginations with your added explanations, this book will be fun.

Despite reading the book I had to add more information. Some places I had to paraphrase to make her understand. Whatever, by now she knows who is a mammal and why we are mammals.

She was fascinated to learn that Blue whale is the biggest mammal which weighs equal to 27 elephants up on top. Her eyes bulged out in surprise and trying to visualize it she broke into laugher. She was curious to know how tall will be 27 elephants stacked up. Will they be as tall as our apartment which is on the fourth floor, or even bigger that it might touch 9th floor? Won't they fall...? lol!

The illustrations about various environments where the mammals live in, different distinguishing features etc. were very interesting for her and reinforce the learning every time she comes back to the book.

She was surprised to learn that mammals can be either herbivorous or carnivorous. We learned about so many animals - giraffes, hippos, cows, bisons, anteaters, kangaroos, and much more. How fascinating for a little one to realize that numerous varieties of animals live on the earth... Just too many! :)

By the time we reached below page, we were sure that camel is a mammal and we explored more things about camels.

Missing links?

The book doesn't talk about many distinguishing features of mammals like "baby birth and nursing". However, I think this book is meant for little ones and may be for them animals with soft, long, hard hair (the tangible features) are more fascinating than learning if they feed babies or not. Anyways, as I thought L knew some animals lay eggs some don't and some feed little ones and some don't, I added such missing links during our learning time which made her even surprised.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Books are so important in our children's lives and I'm always on the look out for good books. Will keep this in mind for when Bee is older.

    Liya looks so grown up mashAllah

  2. This looks good! we dont have many dr seuss books, which suprises me really considering how famous he is so maybe we should add some to our collection

  3. This brings back memories - My kids loved these books when they were younger!


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