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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project 2014 :: Week 3

Day 12: Shopping for dad. How nice will  yellow and pink look on dad, lol!
Day 13: Look who is home today. Our new bunker bed. Finally the girl is moving to her-own bed. 
Day 14: L is self-motivated to learn Malayalam alphabets and here we begin. 

Day 15: Little girl's bookshelf, messed up all the time. 
Day 16: L's drawing of the day!
Day 17: Steamed sweet corn garnished with salt, pepper power and butter. L's fav evening snack!
Day 18: Marinade is ready for tomorrows Biriyani. I usually prepare and refrigerate Biriyani marinade on the previous night. It eases up work plus tastes much better. 

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  1. Love the writing practice, and that is a lot of books, looks like my daughters book case! #project365

  2. some lovely photos, that Biriyani looks delicious

  3. Jaime,

    Thank you! Yes.. Biriyani is always delicious..!

  4. its great how they can learn 2 languages when they are still young and not even muddle them up. Bunk beds are handy, hope she likes sleeping in them.

    1. I totally agree with you about the kids handling multiple languages together.. And yes, she likes her bed and enjoy sleeping in it..

  5. Love all of those books there! And liking her shopping taste,. too ;-)

  6. lovely pictures! i cant wait to get a bunk bed/midsleeper for my sons new grown up boys room either!!

  7. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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