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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A littered Country and learning from my daughter!

The other day Liya and I were on our way back to home from school. She usually keeps talking throughout the drive. Unlike usual, she sounded very serious this time. This is how the conversation went.

L - "Momma! Today, Ma'm showed me a video of a country which is fully littered."
M - "Fully littered?"
L - "Yes, Fully littered by the people of that country. They throw plastics carelessly and the country has become very stinky and dirty. It's no more clean and safe."

She continued - "Do you know Momma, which country is that?"
M - "Hmm.. No, tell me please!"
L - "It's our own country- this country-  India! "

When she said this, I could feel the shadow of sadness in her voice.

Photo - bangalore.citizenmatters.in

M - "Oh really. What else did you learn?"
L - "We should not throw any plastics or waste on the road or anywhere other than garbage bins."

She continued giving me lecture. I love to listen to her when she unfolds her new learnings.

She talked me about the mosquitos which would grow therein and about the potential diseases which these would bring in.

Then, she started asking me questions: "Momma, why do people throw things on the roads? (Seeing the waste spread on the road sides). Why don't they throw them in the bins? I always do that!" "Why don't we keep bins everywhere in the road so that it's easy to use?" 

I was thinking, if everyone in the country has been thinking in the similar way (leave everyone, at least a majority) this country still would have been beautiful and clean. Unfortunately, we all know that we should not litter, still we do. We take it as a right to litter the road, I would say!

She was scanning through the roadsides as she talked and could not spot any bins on the road sides and angrily said:

"See momma, no bins in this road. What if I am eating something in the car, and I have to throw the cover to a bin? I will ask Momma/Pappa to stop the car, but where will I throw it? Let's keep a bin here?" 

We passed by Wipro Gate No. ## and I saw a bin there. I said: "See, there is a bin. Also, let's keep a small bin in the car so that you will have easy access in the car".

She agreed to this and was happy to spot a bin at Wipro gate.

I wonder why don't we adults think as these little ones do? They have learned something today, infected by it and looking for solutions. While we just continue littering!

Or is it that we all pondered over the same as kids and as we grew up we wisely forget the messages. I see people stressing on "I was born intelligent, but education ruined me." Is it that education ruined us or we just did not want to look at the practical side of what we learned at the school?

Parents, teach your children today, about the country and environment . They are surely more committed, keen and practical than we're. They will make a better tomorrow! (IA)

In Sha Allah, I hope when she grows into a woman, she will always be as cautious as she is now in taking care of the environment.


  1. We learn a lot from our kids. Kids understand and want to put in practice the things they learn. As adults, we feel like it's up to others to do this or that for us, we don't care after a while, we accept things we should not accept.
    Interesting Nishana.
    Stay well.

    1. So true Marie... We adults have loads to learn from kiddies.

      Thinking of you and Mr. Pops!


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