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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Books we Read :: Vegetable And Fruity Stories | A Trick For A Trick

Most of the books we reviewed in Princess Liya are either by international authors or popular by its title. However, last time when we visited a book fair at Liya's school, I stumbled upon some Vegetable and Fruity stories. I never came across these books before.

Often, I look for moral stories to read with Liya because I find her taking the lessons seriously and putting them into practice. Moral stories do inspire them a lot more than we imagine. Looks like the book hasn't gone very popular in India, I don't know why. We liked it and already read it umpteen times. :)

We bought a book "A trick for a trick" from the series.
 We fell in love with it. 
Little different from our usual books
very colorful
 glossy print
imaginative tale of fruity friends on a trip,  yet not sounding weird.
 It was cheaper compared to how it usually cost for glossy print. 
Love the funny and adorable illustrations. 
Banana, a naughty boy, whose mum didn't give permission to go for school trip for him being naughty always and scare his friends to death so often, sneaks out of the house, lies to teachers and joins the trip. He takes out his tricks and scares apple to death at night in the camp and his friends plan a trick to teach him about fear and being respectful to others.
We learned

  • to respect others,
  • that everybody is scared of something
  • to treat people gently
  • never lie to anyone
  • not to trick other for it might bounce back 
  • obey parents and elders
We also learned what you see in the picture below. Very exciting!

L loves to eat bananas, so was excited to learn about Banana in the last page. 
Every time we eat bananas, she would shout 
"Banana contains Vitamic A, C, Phosphorous, Potassium, Carbohydrates. 
When hungry while in the play, she goes and eats a banana and tell me 
"I am grabbing some energy". 
Loved the wisdom a small book could inject in my little one.

Liya's creations - Tomato and banana are having a conversation. 


  1. Looks like a lovely book and includes some important lessons for little ones

  2. Very educational and fun to read- that's the best sort of book for a child.


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